No more ease in getting your messages??????

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Captain- Thumper

it's- all- mine
Barked: Tue Jun 22, '10 9:45am PST 
Receiving emails from Dogster/Catster has always been easy..you select 1 of the 3 formats, they even graciously provide us an alert due to some groups having large activities.

"Warning: Some groups send a lot of messages. You can choose to have these sent to your email inbox or to a special Dogster [Catster] Group Mail folder, or you can reduce the chance of clutter by reading messages on your Group’s page.
This group has sent --- message in the past week.

How would you like us to handle Group messages?"

*My Private Messaging

*I'll read message in my group pages

*Send to my email

Many I am sure opt to have their alerts sent to their emails. Here they can have the ease to READ, what someone has written and then have the OPTION to either discard, or to pop into the group and make their comment. Is our OPTION now being taken away?

Now,it seems a change is in the air..all we get is the group sending the alert and who is making a comment,BUT NO MESSAGES...forcing us to pop into the groups. WHERE ARE OUR MESSAGES?
Many of us belong to many groups and many of those group have a lot of chatter..some-just one liners...
Are we forced to select which groups we shall visit,alter the groups messaging preference or drop them all together just because this seems to be a new thing given to us?
This has been going on since Friday the 19th with no mention that DOGSTER/CATSTER is trying to fix the situation, in fact..there has been no mention of this at all, but many groups and members have made a chatter about it....Hmmmm shrugthinking
Captain- Spy~Forever- Loved & Mi

Rolling in the- grass, dude!
Barked: Tue Jun 22, '10 10:05am PST 
As of this morning, everything we get from other groups as well as our C & D are blank. Nothing. Zilch. Dogster is forcing us to leave many groups we are in because we just don't have the time to go into all the groups each time we are alerted there is a message. We thought we had the option how we wanted our mail, but I guess we don't. Some can't go into even one group several times a day. At least with the mail we knew what was going on in the groups. So we are pulling out of all our groups but two. Those are the groups we work in.

This is bull but Dogster, you forced us to cut down on our fun. WE thought Dogster was a fun place to be and we had choices. Boy were we dupped. We have no choice. There are going to be more leaving Dogster not just groups.

To all the groups we belong to, we are sorry but we just can't stretch as much time in one day that we need to visit you just as you don't.
Spy and familyfrown
♥- Mattie- ♥

I'm the- princess,got to- love me!
Barked: Tue Jun 22, '10 10:16am PST 
We belong to many groups..we just cannot drop into each with each alert and no message attached....
Do we offer our apologies to members now in our failure in NOT responding to any of their messages?thinking
The sad thing is...in those messages---there can be a serious message,or just a silly message..we do not know..and many groups will feel the lack of participation...because of this many groups will drop in attendances/participation...people need their COMPLETE messages,simple as thatwave

Lexus aka Lexi

Paying It- Forward *One- Smile At A Time*
Barked: Tue Jun 22, '10 10:31am PST 
JMHO, But I think a lot of problems started when they merged with FB. I also have contacted HQ about my Malwarebytes, Spybot and Avast programs poping up in certain groups and on certain furs pages and stopping whatever is trying to attach to my PC. I could be wrong and will admit it if I find out I am BUT.........I think dogster/catster ads have spyware.

Ghost -spooky- eyes and quiet- paws
Barked: Tue Jun 22, '10 12:16pm PST 
what can we do? how do we fix this? I really enjoy getting messages, but it is a pain to have to go to the group each time. Help, help, help!
Shadie Kaye

Da Royal Goggie- in dis house of- Kittehs
Barked: Tue Jun 22, '10 12:52pm PST 
We is on dial up so it is even more a nightmare for those like me. What is FP(?) that Catster/Dogster has merged with? I missed that one. We are even having problems (more than usual) just logging into Catster. Earlier I had to go in the back door thru Dogster just to read a message only to find it had nothing to do with us! errrrg BTW My typist is sure it's just coincidental but this occurred after we responded to a message from Mr. Spy in the negative about these emails problems.
It's just all very frustrating and to hear there may be fleas infecting us all now too! Oh my, what to do, we can't afford fancy virus/malware ...


Shadie Kaye and fursibs
Blackburn's- Angels ILM

Barked: Tue Jun 22, '10 1:26pm PST 
What happened to the easy photo tag search link??? shock Also we tagged a few pictures (BLDID_FIRECRACKER10) as did a couple other members and they do NOT show up on the stroll!!! frown It is just blank!!! Do you have any idea when the fleas will be corrected???? thinking

The Blackburn Clan

I am- royalty........
Barked: Wed Jun 23, '10 12:57pm PST 
Has progress now made us a thing of the past? Did the merging with other venues take the front seat and our voices for what we want get pushed to the back burner?
It was at one time, we were all made felt welcomed here,- with a positive vibe, we come in,were able to do almost anything to our pages,spruce them up,this was also the same thing to those that ran groups...Fix up those pages!...Fixed up pages helped to also promote circulation, it too helped bring in more members,it told would be members, here I am,come see us!Now,most of what they are trying to show,is hidden.
Now more and more ads have popped in,hiding our work,then more and more changes came hiding our work,with no regards to the hard work many of us put into these pages,sure,some who have no idea behind how to make codes find them via myspace or pyzam,but still,they have to search for them.
Coming in now we have such a massive white background, it takes almost all the backgrounds away, more and more,our great choices are being taken away....Sure some can find the codes to change this,but what of those that do not know how to do this? Have you given a thought to them? What of those that the huge white screen hurts their eyes- the white glare can bother many?....
We cannot read our messages- that choice seems to have been taken away,we loose our backgrounds, we have more ads plastered all over the pages... is this the new face of Dogster/Catster,just do it,without a care to the member's feeling? Why won't Dogster/Catster listen anymore to us?
Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Wed Jun 23, '10 8:42pm PST 
Maybe reading appropriatly posted messages would inform folk...

This was in Pawsome Page as was the problem and it being referred to HQ days ago.

'' ......... So sorry to say but the group messages got a bug in them. The text is actually there if you view it as TEXT, but not when viewed as HTML.

We are very sorry about this and working hard on the fix.

Should be live by Friday if not today.

So sorry about this. It'll be fixed with the greatest urgency


Ted @ HQ ......... ''

People are very ready to complain.. but I am sure you all who rightly have..... have emailed supportas well.


These folk have been working 18 -20 hrs a day to fix glitches.. act on complains and requests for help .. and still work through the problems.

Also reading the Site Updates on the Community Home Page at the bottom right will assist you greatly as HQ are trying to also post major fixes.

Also.. folk have continually been advised away from myspace and any other generated code sites. They are not made for this site... and potentially they can lock up and wipe out your pages.

That is why the group Pawsome Pages was formed.. to help teach folk simple css and page coding.

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Captain- Thumper

it's- all- mine
Barked: Sun Jun 27, '10 10:08am PST 
so you had corrected this issue and now we have another?

Changing images on our pages is now a hassle..what gives? when you try to do so you get an error message like this

"Your request cannot be completed.
Meow meow! Well this is cat-crazy unusual. For some reason you are trying to access a cat that is not yours. Did you edit the URL? Use the back button to return to your last correct page.

If you are seeing this error for a cat that is yours, please email us and we will help you out. We have recorded this event for use back at The Cat House."

The image does change,but you fade to a blank page... you need to refresh your page, just how many more glitches do we need to go through?