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Always hug your- puppy...
Barked: Wed Jun 16, '10 2:20am PST 
laugh out loud the darn print when you try and type a postlaugh out loud I need coke bottle glassesbig laughbig laugh

...but I manage...but it sure does take timebig grin
Dogster HQ

Barked: Sat Jun 19, '10 10:30am PST 
Hi everypaw,

I'm very sorry to say but a full featured App version of Dogster is too big a project for us to bite off right now. Considering we'd have to make it for iPhone, Android and maybe blackberry means it's actually 3 projects which pushes it even further out.

But for those of you have have a decent web browser on your phone and have a sizable display screen (i.e. 320 x 400 or so) what parts of the site would you most prefer to access? Perhaps we could make a mobile web version of the forums, or mail or groups. Since it's web we'd only have to make one version that ran on most smart phones.

It's something we'd like to be able to support too and maybe could do 1 web section at a time.


Ted @ HQ

Red Monster with- blue horns- Killer!
Barked: Sun Jun 20, '10 1:34pm PST 
yeah! Just the forum being more web friendly would be awesome. Also, the drop down menu is a little hard to work with on the cell phone. I have a G1 (android) and an ipod and actually it's easier on my G1 because I have a cursor.

Marlowe, RN,- CGC

Seize life by- the big stick!
Barked: Sun Jun 20, '10 5:19pm PST 
Hi Ted!

The only part of the site that I ever really use is the forums, which are pretty tough even with my super-duper browser. (I'm on an Android HTC Incredible) I can scroll in far enough to click on links, but not without a lot of mis-clicks. This is especially true for the tiny little page numbers at the bottom of a multi-page thread. It gets very frustrating.

A mobile forum app would just delight the heck out of me, where we had a way to move easily from post to post and a page that made replying easier. Right now, everytime I click an emoticon, it makes the page jump and I have to scroll back down to my place. Maybe include all the community guideline information in the user agreement, so all that's on the reply page is just the text box and the emoticons?

Thanks for taking an interest!
Mystique- 'Tiki'

Wooo Awooo!
Barked: Mon Jun 21, '10 8:09am PST 
Yes!!! Making the forums more accessible on mobile would be AWESOME!!!!! We love coming here ALL the time, so momma was excited when she FINALLY got her blackberry, but it's sooo hard navigating the forums and groups on it! BOL!

We totally understand the apps being a big project, but would LOVE to have the forums (and maybe even groups) Mobile "friendly". big grin

Minster Jr.

Barked: Tue Jun 22, '10 11:56am PST 
I would like the groups mobile friendly..I just got my new phone that I can go to the web..I can get to my groups but maybe cause I am still learning how to use the phone I can't seem to get past the main page...I still love it that I can at least find Dogster from my phone..way to go
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