'Make community homepage your Dogster homepage'!

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Barked: Wed Jun 2, '10 6:43pm PST 
I'm soooo happy they put this button!

If you go to community homepage and then below where your doggies name is (below corral and pals) you'll see a little button

'Make this my Dogster homepage'
Thanks for listening HQ!party

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Barked: Sat Jun 5, '10 9:13am PST 
Let us know how you like this everyone. We'll keep tweaking it so it's how you want!

Ted @ HQ
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Barked: Sun Jun 6, '10 2:30pm PST 
I like the feature. Makes it impossible to view the general homepage, though, without logging out. Could you maybe add a link to the general homepage for us to view it even when we're logged in? smile
Also, as has being requested, and sorry if I'm bugging you, could you put more of the community on the general homepage? The community is a huge part of the charm of Dogster, so newcomers ought to see more about that than they currently can.