The perceptions towards those who are low income dog owners...

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Take life easy,- no reason to run- hard.
Barked: Sun Jul 25, '10 10:27am PST 
A friend of mine they are laid off and have been for 1.5 years. They had just adopted a second dog about 3 months before they got Laid off. They still have him and the first dog. I have given them 3 bags of dog food, found out a place that had a one time give way and they were able to get two bags. But for their two dogs-lab mix and a cocker mix, that food doesn't last to long. They use to go to dog parks with the dogs, no more because they can't afford if something were to happen to their dogs at the park-they had their lab mix get a cracked tooth at the park.
When I was laid off, husband still works and makes a good salary, that is when I started looking for ways to really cut out the bills with the dogs. We were feeding a good quality kibble at the time and that is when I found a deer processor that was willing to give me all the scraps I can haul home. So now for two 70 pound dogs and one 7 pound pup, I would have to say my food bill for them is maybe $20 a month for the cost of organs. If I spend that much. I was spending more than that a week in kibble. When deer season is going it is almost like a full time job for me getting it all ready for the freezer.
I do what I can to cut corners where I can to make sure the dogs are never a bind on our finances.
Back before I was married and I had a low income job I did have a dog. A small mix. I didn't have any family near me and the only people I knew were the people I worked with. Needless to say she was very loved and needed. I was barely surviving but she was worth every penny spent on her. She got me out walking, meeting people in my apartment complex. I think dogs are a very important part of my life. Worth everything I put into them.
Mystic and Ginger are great in the country for protection. Just their size will keep people guessing. They get me up and exercising.

If it's not raw,- it's not food!
Barked: Sun Jul 25, '10 1:11pm PST 
I know first hand the feeling of these perceptions. I am going through a very very very nasty divorce. I was a stay at home mom for YEARS and relied on my now ex husband's income, which consisted of 4k a month from VA dissibility, neither of us had to work. We could afford whatever we wanted, had 3 beautiful children which were spoiled endlessly.

However with my divorce, I lost EVERYTHING! When my ex husband left me, he took every last penny. I had no money, no food, no job, and no car. I had 3 children, a dog, 4 cats and a rabbit plus myself to feed, and it was very difficult. I didn't have transportation right away so finding a job was almost impossible. Right around this time, my Saint Loki had gotten sick with cancer. I had no option but to put him to sleep, but I had no money to pay for it. I went from vet clinic to vet clinic pouring my heart out, and no one would help. They were just going to let my boy suffer and die in pain because I had no money at the time. One vet even told me, that I shouldn't be allowed to own animals, let alone have kids, since I couldn't work. Eventually I did find a vet who did do it for free, and she was a life saver.

We all struggle at some point in our lives. And I think it is harsh to judge people based on their bank account. I now attempt to help pet owners in need. I know how it feels to have an ill pup and not be able to do anything about it. When I lost Loki...I lost my life, and I wouldn't wish that feeling on anyone. I'm not rich by any means, in fact I live still from paycheck to paycheck. I have a dog, 2 cats and 5 kids...plus pregnant. But I make the best out of what I have, and thats all we can do sometimes.

Heck, I wanted to adopt a Saint from a local shelter who was on his death bed. 3 days before he was destroyed, I went in and applied. I was denied because of my income, and he was sadly put down. I can afford what I have, I make sacrifices to do so, but since i'm not making triple digits on my paycheck, I can't even qualify to save a dogs life. Because they SAY I can't afford it, but they don't know that first hand.
*Candy-O- Cootinka*

I like the- night life,- baby!
Barked: Sun Jul 25, '10 6:31pm PST 
Our Mimi was pretty well fixed after working hard for 5 decades, but she suffered a catastrophic illness for about 8 years, couldn't work and lost her home of 21 yrs. She has seen this sort of discrimination you speak of but was determined not to let it get her down.

There was 4 of us petsters when we lost everything and she often said she'd "rather live under a bridge over a sterno can" than to abandon any of us. It was a challenge for her to find ways to be resourceful in caring for us and often she made deals to pay for our vet care. We are doing better now since she got her social security. She believes there is NO SHAME being poor, the problem is with those who feel sorry for or worse, look down on those of meager circumstances.

We have been blessed in spite of the hardships,
Candy-O, Peachy(RIP), NickyLixx, Sonny-cat and our Mimi.

way to goway to goway to goway to go


Im just a little- guy
Barked: Mon Sep 13, '10 2:12pm PST 
I don't own my house and rent a room. The person I rent from can afford to buy her dogs a bunch of toys and chews. She has a dog door for them and a big back yard. They are miserable dogs who constantly bark and tear the fence up to get out. She seldom walks them and they are high energy breeds. All the treats, the back yard, toys are not going to make those dogs happy. They need to run and be taken on walks/hikes, not cooped up indoors or in the yard. She has neurotic dogs. She should have cats.

My dog is walked almost daily and benefits from my knowledge of his health and mental needs. He eats high quality food, cause I don't waste my money on toys and stuff I don't need. Milton has a few toys and they have lasted for 2 years. He also has durable chews I put things in to keep him occupied. He does not need new toys or chews.

He gets to run off leash on trails cause I know how to train him. I am not one to put him in classes for something I could do myself. My roomates dogs don't listen to her and won't even come inside if she calls them. She wonders why they don't listen and my advise is not followed. I have even offered to walk her dogs, but she says they have joint problems. One is morbidly obese! She has no common sense, you should see all the crap she has bought. Her house is packed with stuff she never uses. She buys food she does not eat, and it rots. You should see some of the good food she lets rot.

being "poor" i don't waste food like that. I will feed leftovers to my dog before letting it rot. I am disgusted by her wasteful life and have decided to camp out is coming summer to save money for my own place. I am sick of people like this.

Ya most people make more money than myself, but I know how to live and not waste it.

I Don't Know- What I Am!
Barked: Thu Dec 2, '10 6:24pm PST 
Yeah, I see exactly what you mean. A lot of people seem to think you have to be a millionaire to own a dog! shrug

AKA Baby Face
Barked: Fri Dec 3, '10 1:05pm PST 
It shouldn't matter. I do take all my dogs to the vet. And I still am not rich. I treat them all like family.
There are homeless people that have dogs. And the way I look at it, dogs are not materialistic. They don't say to another dog, hey look at this big fuzzy bed that my mom paid $100 dollars for. They will do with a blanket from the closet.
I actually spend less money on raw food for my dogs. And I still had someone slam me because I don't feed my dog Orijen, a food that costs more then I want to even spend. It's like 89 dollars a bag here.
I felt terrible. I don't think there is nothing wrong with spending less on raw if my dogs love it and it is better on my pocket even.
I love dogs and there has been times I was under the poverty level maybe. But, did my dogs say bad things or not want to love me? no way, their my woofy fuzzy butt friends. Woof!
Sallie Mae

Sallie Mae
Barked: Fri Dec 3, '10 1:15pm PST 
My dogs are the one thing that makes me feel like a rich person. Merry Christmas everyone!!!smile
Mr.- BoJangles

Behaving doesn't- always work for- me
Barked: Sat Dec 4, '10 6:55am PST 
I am very low income, just about poverty level. Now, I do live with my parents and they help when possible, but I buy the majority of the things the dogs need. This past year was very rough with the dogs health and I ended up maxing out my credit cards to treat them. But they did get all the treatments they needed. I have had to cut back on things for them. They were eating super premium foods but now are eating cheaper foods. I stay away from grocery store brands but their food is definetely a step down. They aren't getting the collars, toys, beds etc I used to buy often.

If I didn't do some cutbacks I would probably have to find another home for one of them. It would absolutely kill me to do that and honestly I don't know how I could. I feel that as long as I am getting them the best quality food for what I can afford and they are being fed, then we can stay together. They all get the exercise and love that they have always gotten and they are very happy dogs. I am also doing some homecooking for them, which helps stretch the food out and they like people food more than anything anyway. I have found a supply of last years venison so they will be getting homemade dehydrated treats and for Christmas I think I will do homemade dog cookies. I am also trying to come up with homemade things, like collars.

They are my best friends and my only reason to get out of bed in the mornings. They may not have the flashy expensive stuff they used to have, but they do have me and each other and they don't seem to be any less happy.

Queen of the- Couch
Barked: Sat Dec 4, '10 3:51pm PST 
I volunteer at my local kill shelter. I would much rather see a dog go to a low-income home than sit in the shelter and go stir crazy or eventually be put down. Even if it weren't a kill shelter, you have to assume it's a pretty miserable existence in that cage day in and day out. As long as a person can afford to feed their dog, get basic medical care, and of course provide lots of love I think they are worthy pet owners!

I was laid off over a year and a half ago, as was my fiancee. We live with my mother, who recently retired. We are currently a household of unemployed people! Yet we adopted Nala a few months ago anyway and are managing just fine.

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you'd better- kiss me
Barked: Sun Dec 5, '10 2:51am PST 
our family lives on a very tight budget right now. We still manage to scrape together the money to buy the food for the dogs and cats. I dont get the things I need like my own meds for my headaches but my husband and stepson get the things they need and WANT and the dogs get their food and a few treats now and then, And to make things tougher on us we have gone from a place where we were paying $200.00 a month house payment to $350.00 a month in rent. and the rent doesnt include lights gas and water nor any work needing done on the house. Should we still own dogs and cats? most people would and have said NO that we should give our dogs over to the shelter where they would be put down.
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