The perceptions towards those who are low income dog owners...

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Been there,- eaten that.
Barked: Sat May 8, '10 2:51pm PST 
I have seen a few posts on here that somewhat disturb me...About people who have to go hungry because they buy food for their dogs and then are still trying to adopt another dog. I think that is just plain irresponsible. I'm not saying if you don't make a lot of money don't get a dog. But if you can barely afford the ones you already have, it's pretty much asking for trouble to get another one. What happens when one of them gets kennel cough or heartworms and you can't even afford food, let alone medications and vet bills. If you don't have much money but your dog is healthy and being well cared for and you are as well, that's excellent. However, there is a line. Sometimes you are doing more harm than good if you try and take on more than you can handle financially.
Angel Mini

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Barked: Mon May 10, '10 9:31pm PST 
Page one way to go Well said Rondo!
Budrow RIP buddy

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Barked: Tue May 11, '10 4:38pm PST 
Gypsy - when people take in animals they financially or physically can't take care of, then it turns into hoarding, and that's completely different than someone who is capable of budgeting and knowing exactly how many animals they can take care of properly on a low income.

I'm low income, but because I have a budget, I know I can properly take care of my pets. Without one, I would be spending money right and left and before I know it my money is gone until my next paycheck. I know this is true because this is precisely why I had to surrender my first dog back to the shelter where I got him because I got to the point where I had to choose between rent or food for me, not to mention my dog. It was horrible. A budget is a true life saver.way to go


Gunna get \'em!
Barked: Wed May 12, '10 6:07pm PST 
We're pretty low income, but I have to say that Gunner is super-well taken care of. I agree that there is a point when it becomes irresponsibility though. Even if my heart-strings were pulled (and I work in rescue) I don't think we could afford more than maybe one more pet. And we've been talking about taking on a kitten (the idea of vet bills for a kitten who would most assuredly have no previous vetting is overwhelming). But I belive that if a person is capable of caring for themselves, and caring WELL for their animals, that it doesn't matter how much they make--or don't make.

On the flip side, I believe that if a person is already in deep, they should think long and hard about what is okay and what isn't...and then react accordingly. Even if you have a heart of gold, you can go overboard. =) I'd probably do it myself if my hubby didn't ground me. haha.

PS: Lucille, good point. There are a lot of young ones here (who are supposed to be 18 but aren't), being friendly and helpful is the best you can do anyway! Why bash when you can help?

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Cookies 'n'- Creme- (1998-2011)

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Barked: Fri May 14, '10 8:10am PST 
I'm not against low-income families (or individuals for that matter) having a dog. I'd be a hypocrite if I was. But when it gets to the point where one cannot adequately care for the dog, I think it'd be best not to have one.
Now I will admit that if an emergency were to come up that cost several hundred dollars to fix, we probably could not afford it. But then it's the same situation with the human members of the family.

And then there's the situation I'm sure we've all heard of where a homeless guy has a dog and it's his only real companion and he does his level best to care for the dog. Is the dog to be denied living with him and the homeless guy his companion just because the guy is homeless, assuming that they are both happy with each other?

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Cutie- PaTootie
Barked: Fri May 14, '10 6:10pm PST 
Hi all,
Here is our theory...

We are a 2 cat and two dog family right now. Lacey, our latest rescue has ongoing vet appointments, and is taking expensive meds and has to be on special RX food. Mom would love another Persian but is afraid we may not be able to afford the vet care right now. I think you should try to have a plan B for your critters just in case things get worse, but a low income should not stop someone from having pets as long as they can afford proper care. smile
Just our take...neither right or wrongwink

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Barked: Sun May 16, '10 12:39am PST 
dog We didn't read ALL the posts (it's late, but we get it). My mom is not "rich"- or has a lot of money, by any means. When she got back from overseas, got her Veteran's benefits and got a place to live and a house, Then she RAN to the animal shelter, and after looking a bit, saw the doggie that was meant to be hers.
Although she went back to school, she took care of the one, then got another. But, with the Vet bills, that's all she could get- and what happy doggies.
Much later, things are better, but still, she helps in other ways, such as donating to animal shelters and charities, instead of taking in too many.
When she finally can, she will have the means and room to be able to take care of more animals.
To the one who said this: "Sometimes you see a homeless person, and their only friend in the world is their Dog"- we always tried to help out the folks who were on their own, with a dog, that dog means everything to that person!
If you can take care of and feed your dog- then, good- for you and the doggie- if you can't, please think about YOUR welfare, as well as the dog's.
There was a time I couldn't afford to feed ME- not mention a dog or two. When things got better, you can do better.

cloud 9 However, mommy wanted a dog to help her and have a companion, she understands how important it is to have a best friend.
Love to all, Sammy and Family hug hug hug

Red Monster with- blue horns- Killer!
Barked: Mon May 17, '10 1:12pm PST 
I took my puppy's food to the food bank because my puppy wouldn't eat it. I think the worst part of low income people owning dogs, is they come down with a medical condition and are dropped off at the shelter because the people can't afford to treat the dog.

My husband has been laid off for quite a while now, and I know if Kujo gets a spinal injury, we'll just have to put him to sleep. It costs 3K to fix it and he's 13yo. We did just finish saving him from kidney failure, and certain death. 1.5K! I had to sell a few things around the house. But we've finally decided to foreclose on our house. (we were house poor before.) Bad mortgage + house fire and HUGE insurance premiums+ no work= foreclosure. Living in this house rent and mortgage free we've managed to save up a whole lotta money. It's nice smile

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Barked: Wed May 26, '10 12:04am PST 
I agree. I Think it's rude and judgmental. Those people who think like that are just stuck up snobs.
Sandy Baby- ♥

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Barked: Sat Jul 24, '10 3:34am PST 
Unemployment is hitting everyone these days

Exactly. And you never know if it will hit you. I have seen people who were comfortable in their job, felt secure, who had been working there for years upon years... get laid off because the company was losing money. It's scary how high the unemployment rate is rising. If everyone who was suddenly unemployed got rid of their dog, imagine how packed shelters would be. They're already getting packed and not everyone who gets laid off/fired is giving up their pets. It's wrong to say someone on low income shouldn't have a dog or a cat. People lose their jobs. It happens. If they have enough money to take care of their dogs (regardless of whether or not they can afford to feed raw, or afford the best vet care, or even afford to feed Wellness or Ziwi Peak) who is anyone to stop them from having a dog? I would rather see a dog with a family who is barely getting by, but managing to take care of themselves and let their dog live inside, eating Iams, getting vet care, spayed or neutered and well loved than see a dog with a well to do family living outside, on a chain, eating whatever they can afford that week. I'm not lumping anyone in a category here. My point is that there are bad dog owners on both side of the spectrum. I have seen people who practically live in mansions (over exaggeration, but you get the point) with dogs that are outside in their (fenced in) backyard on a five foot chain with little water and little food. I have seen it in trailer parks, too. Likewise, I have seen well to do families with a well taken care of indoor dog. But, I have also seen that in not as well off family's.

I think there is an extent, though. If you can't even feed yourself, you shouldn't have a dog. Likewise, if you don't even have shelter... you shouldn't have a dog. If you had a dog beforehand, you should have a friend or family member take care of him until you can get back on your feet. I'm not the most well to do person on Dogster. I won't deny that. But I do what I can. We used to be well off, but like I said earlier, things happen. Things that left us not as well off. We're getting by. And yes, I would feed my dog before I'd feed myself. I don't see what's wrong with that. If I had children, I'd feed them before I'd feed my dog and I'd feed my dog before myself. It's priorities, that's all. My dog is a responsibility, as my children would be. It is my job to make sure my dogs have shelter, water and food. And if that means that I'll be eating a TV dinner while they eat their kibble, so be it. I won't be getting another pet for a while, no. Because I know that, now, we couldn't afford it. However, you can bet all your zealies I'm keeping the ones we have now.

I've never understood the idea that people who aren't well to do shouldn't have dogs. If only people who were high income had dogs... well, imagine how much the shelters would be packed. They're already packed now. I don't want to think about how packed they'd be then.
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