The perceptions towards those who are low income dog owners...

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Better than I- was
Barked: Wed Mar 23, '11 3:30pm PST 
Been rich(er) and been poor (just plain poor), and the pups with me at the time got fed. I don't blame them for my predictament, they are just along for the ride. They want to be with me with all my flaws. Right now things are not so good, they may get better, they may get much worse. I have a 3 month supply of her meds, 6 week supply of her food, treats and she still has her stuffies. Her next bag of food will probably be free as I sent in a coupon big grin, after that I will figure it out. If she is with me in the good times, she'll be with me in the other times. Forever is forever.

Always did think it funny that for all the peeps at the shelter that day, my girl picked me.

to PLAY or to- SLEEP?
Barked: Sat Mar 26, '11 5:55pm PST 
well i have read many of the posts in this thread but not all of them. im going to start by saying im pretty low income myself,as soon as my puppy turned 8 weeks old she was at the vet for her first puppy shots and what not. as far as food goes i researched all kinds of food before i chose what i was going to buy. i am buying her food from a local farm feed store their first testimonial is from a a breeder/ shower of saint bernards..http://www.blueseal.com/canine/testimonials.php so anyone pushing other foods on me doesnt phase my descision to feed her this food because since she came home her coat has gone from really dry and rough to shiney soft and her white practically glows. she is growing evenly and is a happy playful puppy. now i was reading the people jumping right down your throats thing. i experienced this in a way when i first joined and i snapped back a little. because i wrote what i was doing and how i was handling potty training .. its been many years since i had a puppy .if i see her peeing i scoop her up tell her NO and we go pee poop outside. then gear up and haul her outside i live in maine so its COLD here still i cant just run right out side. well i got a comment about how her peeing in the house is MY fault and i should NEVER punish her. im sorry i dont feel saying a stern NO and u go pee poop outside is punishing. and OBVIOUSLY its my fault i didnt get her outside. i also have 3 children to tend and in a perfect word i could take her outside ever 30 mins but this isnt a perfect world and that was my response to it or something to that effect. also the insisted that i feed a quality large breed puppy food and quoted some brands name. now in my post i said i have been diligently researching the breed since i found out i was getting her which is no lie i have googled yahooed etc every possible scrap of information i can find about saint bernards and made informed descisions on my food etc before she came home. it is sad that people say "low income" people shouldnt be allowed to have pets. well why not ? im not high income but my puppy is happy growing wonderfully learning fast and will be loved fed and cared for for life. i dont think a dollar sign can be put on a responsible loving pet owner who does the best they can by their animals now if i could AFFORD the 60/70/80$ a bag dog food i might buy it if that is what she does the best on . she has her frontline plus and i plan on getting heartworm meds for the mosquito months here. now if i cant buy the most expensive organic food that certainly doesnt mean im not doing the best i can for my dog within my means. and thats all we can do. if a dog is happy healthy and loved i think that is all that matters.
Sally Beaker-

Professional- Bone Horder
Barked: Sun Mar 27, '11 7:55am PST 
Well said Roxy!
I'm a low income dog owner but you know what? All four dogs are fed twice a day, maybe not the best food we would like them to eat but either way they are not starving. They are up to date on shots. If we find a lump, which we have on our pittie Molly, we take them to the vet. They all have collars and name tags, toys, beds (probably more than they need), bones and lots of love and room to run around (we moved to the country recently.) For the love of dog, our pit bulls sleep in the king bed with us! So we may not have a lot of money, but you can't tell me my dogs aren't well off. For us being low income means most of our money goes to them and not us. We're more than willing to sacrifice things to make sure our dogs are well cared for.


I would rather- go through than- around!!
Barked: Mon Mar 28, '11 1:27pm PST 
We are low income. Took what I could afford to feed my dog... then cut out cable and they get fed the best. Went low end on internet connection and I eat well too. Low income doesnt mean you budget a whole bunch of things. If low income is an issue I just watch what little tv I can online or get season disk gifts. Cut out cable, home phone, expensive cell phones. Cheap out on those first THEN I buy cheap dog food and people food if you have too. The only way my dogs and I eat low quality is if I am working minimum wage single income. The only thing that bothers me is my friend who finances his big screen tv (because he can afford to finance it) then eats tv dinners and feeds his dog 'the best he can afford'... makes no sense to me smile oh well.

ultimate lap dog
Barked: Tue Mar 29, '11 11:22pm PST 
Im middle class and all the money I always spent on getting manis and going shopping and clubbing and now being spent on splurging at pet stores for foxy. shrug but it's okay smile

I would rather- go through than- around!!
Barked: Wed Mar 30, '11 1:20pm PST 
Thats how its done Foxy hamster dance I gave up my cable BOL. Found a loop hole but don't need cable because I figure when Iam watching tv the dogs are bored so I should be up doing something. Great way to stay lean myself way to go. Dogs promote good health in us too right. And yes I am low income and the pups dont have to eat low end, feeding dogs right is not really expensive.
Jackson Tan

Lad about town
Barked: Thu Mar 31, '11 1:10am PST 
I found a way to get really cheap cable. We order the mobile (cell) phone service for $4 a week. Then we got a cable that sight impaired people use to plug into the TV in order to type an SMS on the TV screen, so they can see it. Plug it in, put the cable on the phone . . . voila, perfect resolution, super cheap cable, and all the foxtel channels here are the same on the phone as TV. Sometimes when you're not making much you gotta use your noodle, eh? (I don't watch much TV, but it is a good trick if you can manage it!)

Gunna get \'em!
Barked: Thu Mar 31, '11 2:09pm PST 
I'm low income! We have an antenae, the kind you have to go outside and "twist" to get a TV station...and we only get ONE station. We don't have internet either (I get on elsewhere). My husband has a college degree, but works at a feed store and I'm a first year teacher. The only debt we have are student loans and everything we own (cell phones, cars, insurance, etc..) is paid by us, not our parents. Our "rent" is paid in the form of updates to the home we live in (we've added a secure fence, fixed the front/back deck, this summer we're changing carpet for allure flooring).

We sacrifice things like TV and internet access to pay for good food, training, and vet expenses. Also, we have three dogs, a cat, and some chickens! Not to mention that we foster.

I have never felt degraded due to income on Dogster. I've always felt like the people here put their animals first and don't make excuses. There are lots of options for people to better themselves and the life of their pets that can be done on a low-income, and I've seen them offered. Indeed, I've pointed them out since I've been there. Can't feed anything more expensive than Walmart? Diamond Naturals is sold at Tractor Supply and is a higher quality food at a price cheaper than Walmart's "high-end" brands like Iams and Purina One. Training too expensive? Petsmarts is $120 for 8 weeks. Can you put $10-$15 a week into a can for a few months? Usually there are $20 discounts too.

If someone can't afford the basics like heartworm prevention, flea medication, dewormer, or an emergency vet bill... Well, vets will work on payment plans if they need to. If that isn't an option, well, maybe you don't need a pet. You need to take care of YOU first.
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