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Figaro SDIT

Can't read my,- can't read my- poodle face
Barked: Sat Oct 24, '09 5:40pm PST 
Dogster, I love you. It's thanks to one of your members that I found Figaro's breeder, but you have some issues.

HTML: Add the icons that most forums give you to use html in posts. It would make the site much easier to use.

Make a quote function for other posts.

Replies: Make it so you can reply to individual posts and inform the poster that they have new replies.

Most sites have at least one of these things and dogster is sliding far behind.

Edited by author Sun Oct 25, '09 10:49am PST


Futuristic Bow- Wow
Barked: Sun Oct 25, '09 9:18am PST 
I agree with the reply notification thing!

Come on HQ, that would be a practical feature.

All that lives- is holy.
Barked: Mon Oct 26, '09 10:56am PST 
I will agree with Figaro on everything but replies: I like when we reply to the thread at large and if we wish to address a specific dogster, we just use their name.

If I'm not mistaken, Figaro is suggesting something like the Craigslist style forum, which I detest.

Overall, though, I loved what Figaro had to say! Especially about a quote and html button.

I would also like to see a Horsester. There's interest, just put some feelers out!

I would like to see a general discussion section, as well, for things that don't fit well into the other categories. Still all dogs, but not necessarily easy to put into a category.

Sallie Mae

Sallie Mae
Barked: Mon Oct 26, '09 6:56pm PST 
We agree with gir!!
Figaro SDIT

Can't read my,- can't read my- poodle face
Barked: Tue Oct 27, '09 11:35am PST 
No, I am not suggesting a craiglist style forum. More of a Ravelry style. On Ravelry, you can either reply to the thread or to a certain poster, but you post still ends up at the end of the main thread either way.

little- dog big- life
Barked: Fri Oct 30, '09 12:49pm PST 
being able to review a thread while replying seems obvious. its a feature on every forum i've ever visited but this one.shrug
how many times does one want to reply directly to what's been said, yet can't recall who said what exactly?

i would like to ask for one simple thing:

an absolutely plain, elegant black, silver or (best of all) invisible photo frame that goes to the edges of the photo (no white inner border) without lame paw prints, bones, hearts or slogans.
oh..it would also be nice if the dogster dog accepted pup pal requests. shh
Angel Mini

A Heartbeat at- Your Feet ♥
Barked: Fri Oct 30, '09 11:00pm PST 
I agree about the dogster dog accepting pup pal requests wink (I finally got him!! laugh out loud )
Otherwise I like the forums how they are, although they're different from other forums I like it. Seems more open and I enjoy chatting with everyone not just individuals. If you want to reply to an individual then you can always pmail them. way to go
If you dont like the photoframes provided on your page you can have no frame. I dont think dogster will remove paw prints from anything as this is a Dog website. It's cute puppy

♥- WonderChuppy- ♥- Always...
Barked: Sat Oct 31, '09 8:45am PST 
I agree with Horsester. If they make another site, I think it should be for horses. But I don't think they are going to make another site because just handling these two is enough work.
Wiley E- Coyotes

Dogs are a- (wo)man's best- friend
Barked: Thu Nov 5, '09 2:54pm PST 
i think the forums are kind of confusing frown

Wanna run? Wanna- do it again?
Barked: Sun Dec 27, '09 5:55pm PST 
How about...more moderation on the forums? So, when you see that certain people are bashing others just because they dont think the same way, or dont feed the same food as your dog? i've seen posts where people say that a person is killing their dog by not feeding raw. I mean...come on. It's really pushed me from dogster in general.
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