Red names? New posts underlined?

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Hershey Bear- (2003 - 2015)

Silly old bear
Barked: Wed Sep 2, '09 4:47pm PST 
This is new! When did this happen? thinking

I'm your new- best friend! Pet- me!
Barked: Wed Sep 2, '09 5:42pm PST 
Good! So it's not just my computer! It happened this afternoon. There's 1 new smiley too - kissing
Beanster, CD, RN, CGC

We don't - doodle!!!
Barked: Wed Sep 2, '09 5:59pm PST 
I personally find the red names very, very hard to read... anyone else???????


I'm your new- best friend! Pet- me!
Barked: Wed Sep 2, '09 6:37pm PST 
I find the names some what hard to read, but I think it is harder to read the New Posts when they are red/underlined. Red is hard on the eyes! laugh out loud

This smile creeps me out - smile - evil grin!

Barked: Wed Sep 2, '09 8:32pm PST 
Mya~ haha! He has a grin that says "trust me"smile, but you know he's full of BS!
I REALLY don't like the red. Add some red to these eyeseek, and that's what I feel like trying to read all the red text!

Barked: Thu Sep 3, '09 10:30am PST 
I don't like the new underlind threads. It's a bit busy.shrug

Can you scratch- my back, please?
Barked: Thu Sep 3, '09 11:09am PST 
Everything is the same with me!!

The red stands out...........A LOT!! And it hurts the eyes!

Crazy Girl
Barked: Thu Sep 3, '09 11:19am PST 
Oh good, I thought it was just me, too!

The graphic designer in me is totally cringing at the red on the blueish background & the underlines, but maybe it's part of a larger re-design? Sometimes these things happen in steps and it will all make sense in the end? Well, we can hope at least, right?

wigley- quigley,the- quigster
Barked: Thu Sep 3, '09 11:36am PST 
Ha ha. Maybe someones trying to paint Dogster red!!! Yep its harder on the eyes!dog

Principles ...- Values ...- Common Sense
Barked: Thu Sep 3, '09 4:37pm PST 
I think the problem is more that the text is too small the color, but yes this red is not the right shade of red. It's needs darker or something. Some text on this site is way too small.

I also do not like the white frame around our photos now on our pet pages (IE). It doesn't look nice. It wouldn't be an eyesore if our pages were coded so we could make that white frame match our page decor.
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