Pals ... I need some

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Living The- Golden Life
Barked: Sat Jul 4, '09 1:50pm PST 
Hey there fellow Dogsters wave

I have been on dogster for about a week and have one pal frown frown frown

Would anyone like to be my pup pal ?
Sandy(In- Loving- Memory)

Jan 1997- May- 2010♥-
Barked: Sat Jul 4, '09 1:56pm PST 
I havnt really posted around her much big grin
Your really cute ... Uhh ... Whoever you belong to ... Its just that ... I have seen this profile made so many times its hard to tell ...

Oh well PPR on the way
Your such a cutie
Grady or- Gdog

Barked: Wed Jul 8, '09 1:56pm PST 
sure thing. you've been tagged my new pal.
I just joined today..
nice to meet you

Riley *Adopt Me*

Riley means- grain parting.- WHAT?!?
Barked: Wed Jul 8, '09 4:34pm PST 
And.... She's gone againshrug
♥ Rose Marie ♥

Single &- hating it !!!- :P
Barked: Mon Jul 20, '09 11:20am PST 
Riley ur dogster profile says u r 7 months old but you have written you were 2 in september 08 ......hmmm could riley be fake??thinking

Always hug your- puppy...
Barked: Wed Jul 22, '09 12:00pm PST 
thinkingthinking pups....don't you think that looks an awful lot like our Champ??? from Fun??? I certainly do.........thinkingthinking

Barked: Thu Jul 23, '09 7:39pm PST 
I thought the same thing to River!shock
Maybe it's his evil twin...?laugh out loud

The One and- Only!
Barked: Sun Jul 26, '09 7:31pm PST 
Hi there!wave I sent you a PPR!

The One and- Only!
Barked: Sun Jul 26, '09 7:33pm PST 
Uhhhh... did you delete your profile? I was going to send you a PPR til I realized you deleted it... Too bad... We would have been good friends.frowncry
Cody- Alexander

live ur life you- may not be there- tomaro
Barked: Tue Jul 28, '09 1:16am PST 
welly about that person well dog that looks like other freinds well i hope if they are fake they get a real life and mabey a real pup? but i think i will add all u pupsters on this forum : )))