Haven for the Economically Challenged

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Lucy Mae

Barked: Wed Jun 10, '09 2:36pm PST 
Mom just started a group for those of you pawrents out there facing financial difficulties.

This group was created to give a place where the pawrents can share information, and get and give emotional support. Times are tuff....no lie there. Those with jobs are afraid they won't have them for long, those on fixed incomes watch the prices rise and rise with no end in sight, the unemployed feel they have done something WRONG. She hopes that our little group will help to keep hope alive, and show our pawrents that they are NOT alone.

After all, no man (or dog) is an island!

If you want to join us and can't find it email me and mom will send an official invite with the linkee.

Don't mess with- Texas!!!
Barked: Wed Jun 10, '09 2:44pm PST 
Lucy is right!!!

Everyfur needs a place where they feel safe and unthreatened and LOVED and VALUED.

Please help us get the word out!!! cheer
Lucy Mae

Barked: Mon Jun 15, '09 7:48pm PST 
Me and mom just want to keep this thread alive....

The group is doing well so far....there have been some good ideas, and you can definetly feel the love and support of the members.

If you are facing financial difficulties you are not alone!!! Please feel free to join us!!! The goal is to keep our families together heart and soul and mind!!!

hug Feel the love!