Dogster and Catster Themed Browser skins for Firefox!

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Dogster HQ

Barked: Thu May 14, '09 11:03am PST 
Hey Everyfur - HQ just launched a fun new tool - the Dogster and Catster Themed Browser skins for Firefox!

It only works with the Firefox browser - so for those of you who already use Firefox it's super easy to install. For those of you using Internet Explorer - this is a great opportunity to try out the Firefox browser -- our sites actually look and work a little better in Firefox and you can transfer over all your bookmarks when you install it. The cool thing about the browser skin is that it has custom buttons that link to key parts of our site that are always there - even when you are looking at other internet sites - so you are always only one click away from your Pawmail or Forums or Groups.

Once you download our browser theme, you can easily switch between the Dogster and Catster theme, and it's also very easy to uninstall.

More info and the link to download/install are here:

http://www.catster.com/bro wser/

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MacGuffy- Rudigan

Barked: Thu May 14, '09 1:28pm PST 
Very Fun!

Who- Me????
Barked: Tue May 19, '09 5:34pm PST 
Wow!! That is so pawsome!! Momma downloaded it an does it ever look cool laugh out loud


Tipper-aka- Lots 'o- Spots
Barked: Thu May 21, '09 8:26pm PST 
OMD! This is PAWSOME! I'm going to let the members in my group know! THANK YOU!
Thibodeaux- "T-Beaux"

I like to- body-slam!
Barked: Sat May 23, '09 5:40am PST 
Thanks I just installed it. wave

I eat- everything.
Barked: Sat May 23, '09 7:21pm PST 
Pawsome!!!! big grinbig grin I just installed it... it's so cute!!

Just how would I un-install it... just in case I ever want to? thinking

I eat- everything.
Barked: Sun May 24, '09 9:07am PST 
Nevermind... I found out how, but I don't think I'll ever un-install it. big grin

Thanks HQ, they're really pawsome!!!b~blue dogblue dogblue dog

I Love to- Ride!!!!!
Barked: Sun May 24, '09 12:49pm PST 
Yippeee!!!!!!!! THanks for sharing, I just installed firefox and uploaded the skin. WooHoooo!!!!!snoopysnoopysnoopy