Can someone please tell me what kind of dog I have?!

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An Alpha's work- is never- finished
Barked: Mon May 11, '09 1:37am PST 
I posted this question in one of the other forums but I guess that wasn't the right spot.

I was wondering if any of you who are great at figuring out different breeds of dogs will help me out.

This is our alpha Willow. She's 2 now, we've had her since she was a baby, but we still don't know what kind of dog she is.

I mean obviously she's a mixed breed, but I am curious as to what kinds of breeds she might have in her.

The people we got her from said she was rhodesian ridgeback and lab. I've done research on the RR and I am almost certain she doesn't have any in her, but I could be wrong.

The lab I might belive but I am terrible at distinguishing breeds.

Our vet said she looked australian shepherd and I think she kind of does too, but please if anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear them.

I will answer any questions that might help you figure her out.

There are a few more pics of her on her page. Thanks so much to any helpers!
Drake (In- Loving- Memory)

May is only a- short ways- away... <3
Barked: Mon May 11, '09 6:21am PST 
Maybe Rottie? I'm stumped!

An Alpha's work- is never- finished
Barked: Mon May 11, '09 7:14am PST 
Wow! That sure does look like something she might have in her!

Like I said, I am terrible at guessing dog breeds, so I'm embarrassed now that I didn't think of a rottie before, but looking at pics and reading the Wikipedia page, I think that might be a very real possiblity.

I just have no idea what dogs to look up images and websites for so I appreciate any help. Thanks again and keep the guesses coming pretty please!

Sandy Baby- ♥

I may look- little, but I'm- ALL dog!
Barked: Mon May 11, '09 9:49am PST 
I think Willow is the same breed as Sandy: an All American Heinz 57. We should seriously start a registration for that. laugh out loud

She does kind of look like an Australian shepherd mix. I'm only seeing the rottie in the first picture. It's the way she's panting. SO not seeing the RR. I don't know where anyone would get that from. laugh out loud Not seeing the lab, either, personally. Other than that, I got nothing. She (like My Sandy) is a Wonder Mix. Personally, I think they're the best breed to own. wink

Is your breed- next? Ban BSL.
Barked: Mon May 11, '09 11:01am PST 
I'd say a Collie mix with maybe a little Rottie and Australian Shepherd! Whatever you are, you are SO cute!
Much Love ~ Rosie

Barked: Mon May 11, '09 5:07pm PST 
Honestly, head shape, facial expression and body look like golden mix IMO

An Alpha's work- is never- finished
Barked: Mon May 11, '09 11:02pm PST 
Willow and I thank all of you so much for giving us some ideas to look at.

Sandy Baby's human, I know that you are absolutely right, a Heinz 57 dog is what I have, much like what you have with Sandy, who is an absolute doll, btw. The aussie shep is the only breed I have ever consistently thought she might have in her.

I agree 100% with you on not seeing the rhodesian at all. I mean at first we thought, "wow, cool, some really awesome lion hunting dog" and we would always tell people we had a rhodesian ridgeback.

After doing much more research, we totally realize she is not that. I mean maybe the people we got her from knew that her dad has some rhodesian ridgeback in him and that's why they told us that, so she might have an infinitesimal bit of RR in her but yeah, with you on that.

Btw, I have never heard the phrase "wonder mix" before and will definitely be using that for Willow now!

Rosalie's human, on behalf of Willow, thank you so much for the compliment! Rosie, we have to tell you, you are quite a beauty as well, I mean those ears are just gorgeous!

It's funny that you mention collie because the other day we took a trip to the animal shelter just to see the dogs and cats and give them all some love, and there was a female collie there that looked so much like our Willow.

Her coloring was much different and she was a little shorter and smaller as far as weight, but the head and snout shape were so Willow.

Lita's human, thanks for replying. You know, we have a chow golden retriever mix in our family as well, and I swear I have thought somtimes Willow might have some golden in her, because they do have some similarities, but we always just say it's because they are sisters and are trying to copy eachother!

Thanks again to everyone for all the wonderful ideas to research and ponder. I know that short of DNA testing we may never know exactly what she is, but it's fun to have some ideas. No matter what she may be, we love our "wonder mix" from the tips of floppy ears to the end of her fluffy tail.

Did somebody say- CHEESE?
Barked: Tue May 12, '09 8:08am PST 
Hi there. She sure is pretty!! So we had a male who looked almost identical. Wish I had some pics. Same colors, hair length ect. He just had a little more black in his face. He weighed 80-90 lbs. His mix was rotti and border collie.

Christmas Eve- Baby
Barked: Tue May 12, '09 10:28am PST 
I think English Shepherd mix; possibly with retriever. Willow's features (especially nose) look more shepherd than Border Collie or Aussie. I don't see either Rottie or Ridgeback.

Pretty boy
Barked: Tue May 12, '09 1:09pm PST 
Looks to me like she is a German shepherd and retreiver mix. I've come to this conclusion based on the mask around her face, as well as her ears and the shape of her face.
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