Pictures (stills), Morphing & Animations here! Wings included!

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Barked: Wed Nov 19, '08 6:12pm PST 
When/If you get a chance, could you make a wings picture for my doggie brother, Rusty? We had to have him put down on Friday, and the Humans all miss him. cry

Also, could you make a wings one for my 'sister' Dallas? It was her birthday yesterday.
Buddy , ^_^

dogis a- nicerpersonthan- an averageperson
Barked: Thu Nov 20, '08 2:50pm PST 
When you DO can you make me into a morphing animlal???
ui've seen um and wanted one but did not know who to ask!!!!big grin
Duke CGC

Gigantorsaurs- the lover of- all!
Barked: Thu Nov 20, '08 3:10pm PST 
I would love to make the wings and a morph for you Buddy!

I should have it all downloaded by tommrow! I am SO SORRY!hug


Hi everyfur!
Barked: Fri Nov 21, '08 1:42pm PST 
Hi hun!
Can you get a picture of us together?
&hearts YOU!
Buddy , ^_^

dogis a- nicerpersonthan- an averageperson
Barked: Fri Nov 21, '08 5:32pm PST 
dats fine Duke! thanks fur doin it!!! Hail to DUKEhail
$QU®R|e (Squirle) (R.I.P

Barked: Fri Nov 21, '08 5:33pm PST 
Sorry duke!!!! i forgot! i'm Buds sis! can you make Angel wings fur me???

Barked: Fri Nov 21, '08 5:42pm PST 
hi ya!! are we too late?? mom & i wondered if you could make our mica some new wings??

also, let's be mates already.. what do you say??

thank you!!blue dogblue dogblue dog
Claire Tzu's agility page!

Agility tzu
Barked: Mon Dec 1, '08 6:17pm PST 
I would like one!!!!!!wave
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