I have 2 question's

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Lexi Ann

Barked: Wed Nov 5, '08 12:41pm PST 
Hi My name is Lexi Ann,
My sisters are Louise & Nikki.....and i dont want to leave out Jasmine....( she is a little doggie my mommy found and couldnt find its owners......so we found her a good home and her new mommy travels a few times a month for her job so we doggie sit for her....so she is part of our family ) ...........lollol anyway........On to my first question......... we are not members of this group and we would like to be ....if that is ok with everyone else???????

And now for the 2 question........Im new to the pretty pages thing and want to bump it up a little bit....lol.....I was wondering how your getting the cute picture frames and putting the little cuttie things on the pictures that ive already got on our pages........the ones ive put on the dogster thing on the left hand side of our pages........I have figured out how to put some stamps on some pictures but they are coming up on the right hand side of my page and thats not what i want........ You can go on my page ( Lex Ann ) and see what i am talking about.

If there is anyway anyone out there can help me .......I would be so greatful........

xoxox Lexi Ann, Louise, Nikki & Jasmine
and ofcourse my mommy thanx you to ( Kellie )
Madison- (Mady)

All- Hail the- Queen
Barked: Wed Nov 5, '08 12:54pm PST 
Hi Lexi Ann!
It looks like you got some help with your page. It looks great to me. What a pretty girl you are!!cheer