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the best gift to- your pet is your- time!
Barked: Fri Jul 25, '08 4:42am PST 
Thanks to dogster's listing under "Local", I've found a wonderful job working towards a rewarding career as Kennel Tech.

Thank you Dogster for your pawsome and very helpful site!
way to go

Wild Child!
Barked: Sat Jul 26, '08 3:31pm PST 
Pawsome, congrats on the new job! dancing

Did someone say- chicken?
Barked: Mon Jul 28, '08 12:03pm PST 
Congrats on your new job!

I wish you much luck! cheer

Dogster HQ

Barked: Wed Jul 30, '08 10:28am PST 
Pepsi - The Cola Kid

Oohh, a- Squirrel!
Barked: Thu Jul 31, '08 4:47pm PST 
way to goway to goway to goway to goway to goway to goway to goway to goway to goway to gohappy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dance

Woo Woo!
Barked: Fri Aug 1, '08 9:15am PST 
Woo Woo! applause
- Shift Chanel- Anniston

Barked: Fri Aug 1, '08 4:49pm PST 
That is amazing news and we are happy for you to have found that!! Definitely a great summer happening around here at Dogster!!!blue dog

Every dog- deserves a good- forever home!
Barked: Fri Aug 1, '08 8:05pm PST 
Lucky dogs!
hamster danceway to goway to gohappy dancebig grin happy dance
Lily Jane

The original- dachshund- supermodel!
Barked: Tue Aug 5, '08 11:09pm PST 
That's really pawsome news! I wish you the best.
Hunny, CGC,- FDCh-S

RRRRready!!!- Go!! Go!!! Go!!!
Barked: Thu Oct 2, '08 9:05am PST 
Wow, that's really cool! Hope the job is working out for you, now that you've had a little while at the new digs! BOL. dancingwishes