Dogster Night Owls, past 11:00PM?

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Aussie Too!

In my friend I- find a second- self.
Barked: Wed Jun 27, '07 6:22pm PST 
way to go yes laaaaate we do...till we get sleeppy...kitty
♥Mist- y♥

Tummy rubs?
Barked: Wed Jun 27, '07 6:39pm PST 
I am on pretty late, especially when I don't work the next day!

Raw-fed and- loving it!
Barked: Wed Jun 27, '07 8:31pm PST 
Mom is a terrible sleeper and wakes up at the slightest provocation, so she's on very late a lot. We should form a group to keep each other entertained during the wee hours smile


Eve: aka Evil- Sidewinder
Barked: Wed Jun 27, '07 8:57pm PST 
i've been on late alot lately shrug

its my australian pal Ajax's fault big laugh

I love my Bobo!
Barked: Wed Jun 27, '07 9:13pm PST 
BOL...our night is just beginning at 11! (At least until late Aug. when mommy goes back to school). Many times we're on until 2 or 3 AM.
Sadie,- GBeAD-C1

Will the real- Shady Sadie plz- stand up?
Barked: Thu Jun 28, '07 4:35am PST 
Maybe till' 11:30 AM.

Not USUALLY past that...sometimes 12:00 AM....laugh out loud

Trust me...I'm a- beagle
Barked: Fri Jun 29, '07 11:07pm PST 
Well.....I'm here now BOL
Sirius- Padfoot- Black

Too clever for- Mom's own good!- :)
Barked: Sat Jun 30, '07 2:22pm PST 
Mom would be on late, if she didn't have to get up at 6:00 in the morning to go to work. Left to her own devices, she tends to stay up waaay late!! laugh out loud

Siri dog

Dolo Boy
Barked: Sat Jun 30, '07 10:38pm PST 
waveI am a night owl!! I have my nights and days mixed up, I am up all night ..we live in Florida, where do you live?way to go

Vertically- challenged hound- dog
Barked: Mon Jul 9, '07 3:32pm PST 
We are typically night owls as well... but we are on EST... which actually works out since DT is earlier... its easier to find people online when its 12:00 pm here!

way to go
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