Dogster Night Owls, past 11:00PM?

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♥- Crazy Daisy- ♥

The Craaazy Min- Pin
Barked: Wed Jun 27, '07 10:16am PST 
laugh out loud The last few nights, I've been up to about 1 or 2 AM DOGSTER time, which is 3 or 4 AM where I live.
Ban! *friends dog*

I LOVE my bro- Ludo!
Barked: Wed Jun 27, '07 11:20am PST 
I stay up all night till daylight! Then I sleep all day! BOL!
Penny(RIP- 1963-1980)

Daddy's little- girl!
Barked: Wed Jun 27, '07 11:33am PST 
Perhaps we should start a night owl group? If there isn't one already, i would love to start one! smile

[angel] Fred

Bouncy- Beagley- Boy!
Barked: Wed Jun 27, '07 11:59am PST 
Thats 2:00 AM for me laugh out loud My time I usally stay on until 11:30 then head to bed cloud 9

Give LOVE to get- LOVE-Adopt a- Dog!
Barked: Wed Jun 27, '07 1:09pm PST 
Thats a great idea Penny! way to go
Digger ~In- Loving- Memory~

Australian pride- ;D [<3 Sunny]
Barked: Wed Jun 27, '07 1:24pm PST 
bol! Considering I live in Australia, when I'm on , it's probely 12 am over where you guys are. So maybe...in some weird way..I'm a dogster night owl.big laugh Even though it wouldn't be night when I'm on.

Fig Newton

I am a Princess!
Barked: Wed Jun 27, '07 3:43pm PST 
I'm on all hours of the day and night, too. I am on the east coast, but it is not out of the norm for me to be on dogster at 1am. I would be in trouble if we started a night owl's forum--then I'd never go to bed. But if one gets started, I'm in!
Sir Bailey- Bowzer, NPC

I'm bigger than- I look.
Barked: Wed Jun 27, '07 4:56pm PST 
Depends whether it means my time (EST) or Dogster time. On Dogster time I've never been on past 8:00 pm, but on my time, I've ben online until 1:00 am before!
Penny(RIP- 1963-1980)

Daddy's little- girl!
Barked: Wed Jun 27, '07 6:04pm PST 
Well, i couldn't find a night owl group (or anything similar for that matter) so here's the URL for the group! It's open to the public, so anyone at this thread can join! http://www.dogster.com/group/The_dogster_night_owls-9164
*just copy and paste*
Have fun being midnight prowlers! laugh out loud
Sharna *2000- - Sep 2007*

Sharna Banana - mum's angel
Barked: Wed Jun 27, '07 6:12pm PST 
I am from Australian so your 11pm is my 4pm. So yes I am on past 11pm your time.
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