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Peter Parker

King Peter- Parker
Barked: Tue Nov 10, '09 8:51pm PST 
It's 10hi50 over here right now...don'tknow what Dogster time is. I am usually going to bed right now during the week because I have to work tomorrowconfused
The Boys

The Three- Stooges.
Barked: Tue Nov 10, '09 8:56pm PST 
hey everyone hows it going
Quinndred- Spirit

Yeap I do wiggle- when I walk:-)
Barked: Wed Nov 11, '09 12:35am PST 
Well if its 11pm dogster time I think thats 8 hours behind for us so yes we're onsmile

Its funny really as in our mornings not many people are on and we can leave lil msgs and comments for people and pups to wake up tosmile

We feel like wee willie winkie running through the web snoopyhappy dancelaugh out loud

The Boys

The Three- Stooges.
Barked: Wed Nov 11, '09 12:48pm PST 
laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudhappy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dance
Precious- (Pip Squeak)

Good things come- in small- packages
Barked: Sun Nov 15, '09 12:48am PST 
3:48 am. blue dog

Loyal- Sweetheart!
Barked: Sun Nov 15, '09 12:14pm PST 
hmm....my latest time i have been on is 1:00am.

Sleep now, play- later!
Barked: Mon Jan 11, '10 4:33pm PST 
Me and my bro Pinto do!
Angel Mini

A Heartbeat at- Your Feet ♥
Barked: Mon Jan 11, '10 10:17pm PST 
wave I'm usually on late, espessially lately. I'll see y'all here later I hope! big grin

Tail Waggin'- Mutt
Barked: Thu Jan 21, '10 11:25pm PST 
I am on at 3-4:00 am.
Barkley Bear

Barked: Wed Jan 27, '10 12:04pm PST 
I usually don't end up going to bed until 2-4 am so I am usually on at about that time, I have horrible insomnia...kitty

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