westie skin

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Hi can anyone help l have a 1year old westie and have notice her skin is black were most westie's have pink skin the vet told me she could have some sort of skin complaint has any one else heard of thisblue dog

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Barked: Fri Aug 2, '13 9:08pm PST 
My Westie has pinkish skin now, but when I first adopted him at 10 months old, his skin was black. Over the past 2 years, his skin gradually became pink. To my knowledge, the skin color isn't due to any skin problem, it's just not very common. Me Westie also has a few black nails, which surprises some people and causes them to incorrectly assume that something is wrong.

I would think that if your dog's skin isn't irritated at all, it is probably nothing. Of course, I am not a vet, so you may want to get a second opinion from another vet. Good luck! kitty

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I've been told by my vet that the black skin can be indicative of a skin complaint. My 6 year old Westie has patches of black all over his skin where his fur is particularly greasy and he is extremely itchy. Having been diagnosed with atopical dermatitis I now use allermyl shampoo on him which sadly seems to be losing its effect. It seems near on impossible to get a straight answer about their skin - I'm now a good £4000 into investigations with dermatologists... Thank heavens for insurance! I'd give my last penny though for him not to be so itchy :0(