Westie with Chronic Diarrhea

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We have a 14 month old West Highland Terrier. For the past 5 weeks, she has had chronic diarrhea. We've spent 2-3 days a week at the vet trying to diagnosis her and have come up with nothing... even the vet is baffled!
Here's what we've done/ruled out:
- ACTH test which came back negative for Addison's
- Bile Acids Test which came back negative - her liver is functioning fine
- Blood work was all negative
- Electrolytes were all in the normal range
- Stool sample test was negative for all worms and parasites

We regularly (monthly) treat her with Heartguard and Advantix. We have recently switched her from Science Diet Adult (she was on Puppy until about 11 months old) to Taste of the Wild (Bison and Veal). She has been on Diarsynal for 2 weeks now and has regular stool while on this.

If anyone has had anything similar happen, or knows of something else we could try, PLEASE let me know! We are so ready for our little one to get back to normal!