Crying with a bone

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Barked: Fri Dec 23, '11 1:09pm PST 
I am not sure if this is just a Westie thing but all of my Westies would carry a bone and cry ao und the house.

Brody does this too but it can go on for an hour including going outside and walking in the garden with it and coming back in the house still crying.

Anyone else have this odd behaviour?shrug

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Barked: Tue Jan 17, '12 11:08am PST 
my westie Kasper, 7 months old, does the same thing. He cries & runs throughthe house with bone in his mouth. Sometimes it looks like he wants to hide it. I thought maybe he was crying becasue he couldn't find a good spot to hide it... But, he never does. I usually have to take it away from him. I don't know what causes it.

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Barked: Sat Feb 11, '12 2:51pm PST 
We have a rescue Westie who cries while carrying a soft toy. We first noticed this when we adopted him 4 years ago. He is now 8 years old.

He usually does it when he thinks he had been left alone in the house.
He will pick up a toy and take it into a bedroom and stand and cry. We assumed it was his way of saying he wanted someone to play with......
so he has us trained now to go to him and take another toy and play with him. This always seems to work.

I thought it was just my Westie and until I read the "crying with a bone", I had never heard of another Westie doing this.


Barked: Tue Mar 5, '13 10:38am PST 
my westie, now 2, has always done this. It really did seem like she was upset that she could not find a place to hide it. Sometimes she would leave it under a couch cushion or literally put it underneath my shirt, but immediately come back to it and start all over again.

We really have no idea why she does it, but if she doesn't stop after about 10 minutes we typically just take the bone away from her and give it back later in the day.

I had a westie growing up as a child and she did NOT do this.