Need help with lost Weimaraner

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Hi all, when I woke up last week there was a Weimaraner in my yard. He appears full blooded, and his tail is docked. I have posted him on face book with local animal shelters, but no one has responded. I also checked with our local animal control, who reports that no one has called looking for him. We made poster to hang around town also. Our animal control usually puts animals down in 3 days if they aren't claimed, so i left a number, but didn't surrender him. They receive no vet care and live in filth until adopted or euthanized. He seems very smart and friendly, and plays great with our kids and terrier mix. It seems we may be his new forever home smileI have no previous experience with this breed, and any advice would be greatly appreciated. He is under weight right now, but the vet seems to think we can correct that in no time. Also, should i be leary about him around new people? My children are always supervised when playing with the dogs, and he seems completely at ease with them. I just no nothing of his past, and his size and shyness worry me. I read they need a lot of exercise, would a park be ok?

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I lost my dog around March,he is a grey weimaraner with a white patch on his chest and a docked tail. Can you please tell me where are you located so that I see if you live near where he was lost or can you send me a picture. I have been looking for him for over a month and I need to make sure if this is him or not.

My email is
Thank you