Need your help in a voting contest. Thanks! :)

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Born to play!
Barked: Mon May 21, '12 10:54pm PST 
Hi friends! Please help my golden retriever sister, Mindy, be Bow and Wow's Next Pet Model. Just click on the link below and "like" Bow and Wow's Next Pet Model application and then "like" Mindy's photo. Thank you very much! smile

http://apps.facebook.com/nextpetmodel/index.php?g=458&state=6c 23b432f2f9299077fa92a247aadf54&code=AQDJmHv7KKkUwCwyg5SxsP7E2xiTxdFc JnAQVBtJDqvVHKhPtJVYQyjGOjWgDaCN3-UURc5S5Db-JlGZVL3Yw3jrAaCL1bjy_dmT EKX8NqdRYJLW19vXA00lD6TODNSbf2pQrLGYxh9c2JvPVNJfzycrEeqNYtDJ00iwyYbX od1xdK-mc6D7s8UpGVm5fE80mvU#_=_