My Fiance's Border Collie/Lab

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Barked: Wed Nov 2, '11 2:25pm PST 
So I'm a new member here, I'm a dog person smile

I kind of came here for one thing, but I plan on sticking around since I animals.

Long story short, my Fiance submitted her Border Collie/Lab Sydney into a little contest.

If she wins she gets a nice little photoshoot and will be in a Fido commercial.

I just want to ask you guys to vote for her, and if you could, spread the link to all animal lovers!

[b]If you vote, not only are you going to help out my fiance, but every vote counts as a donation towards http://www.dogguides.com/doghome.htm[/b]

Please post that you have voted so this thread can kind of stay up in the first page!

Once again Im sorry for doing this as my first post but the contest ends November 17th!

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