Facebook users, need "Likes" pawlease?

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UKC Ch Endless Waltz de Nanrox

<(-How do you- Dew?-)>
Barked: Wed Oct 26, '11 9:17am PST 
We need some "likes", go to this link and click like-
Facebook photo contest

Enda would REALLY love a fancy leather collar, but her person sadly has no money left, a gift card could get her something that really looks good on her snoopy !
Thank you Dogster pals!

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Jinjo *Stumpy of the Wild*

Guess what I ate- today? {and it- was good
Barked: Sat Oct 29, '11 7:48am PST 

Please, we are seriously behind! Need a little nudge from our Dogster pals dog
Thanks way to go !