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Angel Marie

Do you want to- Snuggle?
Barked: Sat Sep 3, '11 2:10am PST 
Hello Friends~
I am very very Excited !Out of 1000's of Chihuahua's across the country My Little Angel has been chosen as one of the TOP 10 Finalists to win cash and prizes !!

Here is a link all you have to do to is vote for her, there is no gimmick, no like FB page or signing up, no junk mail

Thank you SO Much for your support it is so appreciated just being nominated is so amazing.
Thank you again for your help

Unfortunatly I can not seem to make this into a link ? so I apologize for making an extra step but please still vote flowers and in the mean time if some one knows how to fix this let me know happy dance

Tobby loves to- snuggle in your- lap
Barked: Mon Sep 5, '11 1:58am PST 
Voted for your Angel! Hope you win...

Master of the- 'puppy eyes'
Barked: Wed Sep 21, '11 2:41pm PST 
Voted for her, good luck! Please check out my post http://www.dogster.com/forums/Vote_For_Me/thread/718757


Is it winter- yet?
Barked: Sun Oct 2, '11 6:23pm PST 
Angel is ADORABLE! I wish the poll wasn't already closed so I could vote for her. How did she do?

I just posted a "vote for me" as well. Here is my link if you are interested in liking the video:


Thank you smile