Please vote for me

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Barked: Mon Aug 22, '11 9:27am PST 
I am in a local Cutest Pet Contest in Delaware County PA. Please vote for me!! I will love you forever!! I am number 177.


Barked: Mon Aug 22, '11 3:16pm PST 
Sorry here is the link: http://allaroundphilly.upickem.net/engine/Details.aspx?p=V&c=33625&s =10237943&i=1&m=X#SD

Fritz, cats are- fun when they- run
Barked: Thu Sep 8, '11 3:43am PST 
Here is a clicky for your contest.

I am having a hard time getting on the site and signed in, maybe broadband helps? I will keep trying. If you need another clicky go here clicky helper past in the page URL and it will give you the code for a clicky.
Good Luck on your contest, you ARE the worlds cutest puppy.