Vote for me! ...Want zealies?

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Barked: Sun Aug 14, '11 8:59pm PST 
Hey guys. smile

I was just entered in a pretty cool contest!

I really need votes, I only have a few so far. You can vote once a day.

I have Zealies to spend, and I'd be so thankful to everyone who takes the time to vote when they can so...

1st vote: 1 rosette.
2nd vote: 1 zealie.
3rd vote: 2 zealies.
4th vote: 2 zealies.
5th vote: 3 zealies.
6th vote: 3 zealies.
...And so on, until you have 10 zealies. way to go

Or I can thank you with stars, or whatever you prefer.

Here's the link:

http://www.moderndogmagazine.com/photocontest/dogs/11/08/07 /cruiser

Thanks in advance!