Vote for Bubba in the Real Dogs of the South Photo Contest!

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Zooey, CGC

Everybody loves- Zooey
Barked: Tue Oct 5, '10 7:57am PST 
My parent's Samoyed is entered in a photo contest with 98.7 the river, and would greatly appreciate your vote(s)!

http://987theriver.clearcontests.com/front/image_contest 2.asp?s=A6889271C4BCB3A3557BA5BEA5B19D84939EB49BB6B4678DD1CF8B998EAF A6BDBD777CA6CCC6C2BCA1897D686583748E7FA4BC6F91726C66A6B5AF948C6A6C72 63748A606F82597DA99EA58C9172865E6F5A724C8884AC9CBA9B7B