Hi There, We havent been around in a while, but our parents need your help!

Check this forum for fun contests and the chance to win awesome prizes on Dogster! This is also the place for all of you seeking votes for contests you've entered!

The Boys- (Manny &- Salty)

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Barked: Fri Jul 9, '10 7:54am PST 
Hi everyone!!!waveI know we've been absent for a while, the new site has us confused...

But our mom and dad need our Dogster Friend's help! We know that this is not B&T related, but we also knew that this is where our post would get the most traffic red face

There is a really nice restaurant that me and DH love that has a Facebook fan page. Every Thursday they do a contest where you post a picture of your pet and if you get the most "Likes" on your picture you win a $20 gift certificate which would really put a dent in a good dinner there.

We have hardly any money to go out to eat, so this would be a great help for a good date night!! Please go to this page:


An d "Like" THe Fish House and then go to this page:

[url]http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=4636990&o=all&op =1&view=all&subj=57448462537&aid=-1&id=687086283[/url]

and "like" my cute little puppy's picture!!!

Thank you Thank you THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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