Found a new web site for dog photo contests

Check this forum for fun contests and the chance to win awesome prizes on Dogster! This is also the place for all of you seeking votes for contests you've entered!


Rosie, Queen of- the World
Barked: Fri Jun 4, '10 7:12am PST 
Great site - I'm going to put my picture up. 1st prize is $50!


Sheltie Shock
Barked: Sat Jun 5, '10 10:49am PST 
Awww Cute!
~~♥- Chloe

I love being- with my owner
Barked: Tue Jun 8, '10 4:44pm PST 
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Barked: Wed Jun 9, '10 10:41am PST 
Great site. I also came across this one pawzoom.com. It has a photo contest and a caption contest. You could win $500.00! dancing

Wonder pup in- the making.
Barked: Thu Jun 10, '10 6:23am PST 
Thank you for posting those. I just got a new camera last night. It will give me an excuse to play with it. lol.
~~♥- Chloe

I love being- with my owner
Barked: Tue Jun 22, '10 9:58am PST