Team Vinny's Competing for $200,000 Grant to Donate/Divide among Arizona Pet Rescues.

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TEAM VINNY SEEKS TO END KILLING OF HEALTHY PETS by 2015, To Donate/Divided $200,000 Among all Pet Rescues in Arizona.


*** Please forward to those who would like to see 100% NO-Kill in our life time ***

Dear Friends of Pet Rescues,

We're Team Vinny USA, 21st Century consultants specializing in the creation of 21st Century fundraiser models for the pet rescue community. Starting May 1st through the 31st, our team will be competing for a quarter million dollar grant. If successful, well will donate and divide $200,000 among all of the pet rescues
within the state of Arizona.


We are seeking your help to assist us with winning a Refresh Everything grant by encouraging everyone to visit and vote for Team Vinny USA. Everyone is able to vote one day, every day for the full thirty-one days of the contest. In exchange for. Visit our twitter page for up to the minute information:



Too many healthy pets are being killed because pet rescues are still using obsolete fundraiser models from the early 1900’s. Estimates are that over 1,000,000 healthy pets are euthanized every year in the United States and Canada. The are many reasons given for the needless killing, they include:

Puppy Mills who pump out pets at the rate of an automotive assembly line. Average Shoppers whose compulsively buys pets in the malls. Pet Owners who put off spaying or neutering with the intent of delivering a litter or two.


No so obvious but every bit as deadly to healthy pets in pounds is the declining fund raising levels of the nations pet rescues. Over the past twenty years, donations to rescues have taken a steep dive forcing many to give up and close their doors. To make matters worse, most rescues are still using the same old fundraiser models that were designed 100-years ago that just won’t work in today’s economy. The consequently are deadly as more than 20,000 healthy pets are euthanized annually in cities the size of Phoenix, New Orleans and even more in New York City.

The good news is that One-Hundred Per Cent No-Kill is 100% Achievable if pet rescue update their strategies by using 21st Century fundraiser models. Highly successful pet rescues of today resemble a small business more than the non-profit of yesterday. They’ve abandoned the passive “tell a sad story and hope someone will make a donation” model. The more successful rescues now collaborate with a new breed of social entrepreneurs. This new breed of business merge the needs of charitable organizations such as pet rescues with their for profit motives. In a nutshell, the business design solutions for problems such as pet rescues recurring needs for lots of moneys. They then create a profit bearing model which will yield enough money to donate to the rescues while still making a profit.

One such social entrepreneur is “Team Vinny USA” who has developed several fund raising models which have the capacity to move the entire state of Arizona to 100% No-Kill by the year 2015.

Team Vinny’s plan calls for dividing $200,000 among all of the pet rescues of the state of Arizona. The team will then travel extensively throughout the state to conduct 21st Century fundraiser training seminars and hold joint fundraisers. The over all objective is to configure all of the pet rescues in the state into an interactive team of cooperative, self-sustained fund raising profit centers. According to the Team Vinny’s projections, the pet rescues money problem in Arizona will be almost none existent if not completely in five years.

Pet lovers and their friends are asked to vote for Team Vinny once a day, every day throughout the 31 day contest. Starting this Saturday, visit the following website to vote to end the killing of healthy pet in Arizona:

http://www.refresheverything.com/howtoendkillinghealthypetsinArizona by2015

For information on Team Vinny’s bold quest to save the lives of healthy pets, visit “Vinny the Pug” twitters page at:


Allen Kimble, Jr.
New Orleans & Phoenix

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