tomorrow is my birthday and I want votes

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pucco buster

Barked: Sun Oct 18, '09 1:42pm PST 
My birthday is october 19th and my mom bought me new toys to play with. I don't get them until tomorrow. what I want even more then toys is for everyone to vote for me in the cutest dog competition. Please vote for me and ask anyone you know who might vote for me. It would make me sooo happy

Imagine if you had to make the choice between feeding your children or your dog. that is what people are facing in todays hard economic times

so many people are in economic crisis that they have to give up their pets to feed their children. We should all consider doing something to help others in need. there is are great site called bowwow.bucks.org that is helping families in crisis keep their pets by paying for needed medication and pet food.
Pucco is entered in the cutest dog competion and his goal is to help other dogs stay with their families. If he wins he will be donating to organizations that help dogs and families in economic crisis.

Please give him a vote

http://www.cutestdogcompetition.com/vote.cfm?h=B5D341CBEEED0 B2C4B4528820D2D3AFD