Moxie-Doxie on CBS TV Fundraising for so many!

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I Gotta Be Me!
Barked: Sat Oct 17, '09 2:57pm PST 
Thank you to all our dear friends with all our heart for your support of Moxie. She is now hoping for the LAST spot left in the semi-finals. With your daily votes and sharing her link, it will be hers! Your help will allow Moxie's 12 year dream come true of "paying if forward". The final week voting starts Oct. 17th and will end next Saturday, Oct 24th at midnight.

MOXIE is now competing for the LAST spot in the "CUTEST DOG CONTEST" so she can help so many! Moxie is hoping she will get enough votes to win the grand prize so she will be able to donate large portions to DACHSHUND RESCUE, SPCA , BREAST CANCER AWARENESS, ROTARY CLUB, WORLD HUNGER and many causes where her legacy of pet comfort service, charity work, donations and LOVE will live on.

We're SO close! Only one more week for voting and Moxie could win the LAST spot in the finals and get that donating underway! Moxie needs the TOP number of votes THIS week to be one of the twelve semi-finalists (one per week). The top 4 finalists will be chosen by the public from the 12 weekly semi-finalist winners. The grand prize winner will be chosen from the top 4 finalists by four judges. Moxie is sure to win their heart as she has yours.

Moxie is in it to WIN it! She has been on CBS TV news hoping all who love her will vote DAILY for her until Oct 24th!
Thank you with all our hearts for giving this 12 year old little doxie with a HUGE heart her few minutes of celebrity:


Thank you for voting for MOXIE every day and passing her link along! Her receiving the TOP number of votes THIS WEEK will give her the very last spot.

Thank you for voting for me today!

Indoxicated with love,