What is Bailey?

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Barked: Sun Apr 25, '10 1:13pm PST 

I would like to get a good idea of what breed Bailey was because he past away a few weeks ago and he was the perfect dog, and so when I get another dog I would like to get a breed similar to what he was.

Bailey's attributes (of what I can remember):

weight: approx 90 lbs
height: 23-24 inches
hair colour: brown
eye colour: gold/yellow
fur: short, not overly thick, similar texture to a lab

temperament: Bailey was considered to be another person in our family because he was so human-like. He enjoyed being around us at all times. Bailey would climb up on a chair and eat dinner at the table with my family. He loved to snuggle and even be on top of me if I was watching a movie. At night he preferred to be under my blankets than on his own bed. He was very playful, agile and could jump quite high. He had this funny bark that sounded like "awoo woo" that he would do when he was trying to get our attention to let him out or if he was bored and wanted to play. Aside from his love for playing, he also enjoyed just relaxing and was content to remain inside if need be. He would rarely be destructive if we were out of the house for a long period of time. He always wanted to please us. He got along well with our other pets in the house, but he was not the greatest with other dogs he did not know. He was extremely protective of me, and if I didn't know someone he would sense my concern. Bailey was smart and was easy to train. He picked up new rules fast and rarely attempted to test his boundaries. He had a keen nose and excellent site. He was fascinated by things in the sky and would often bark and chase passing over birds and even planes. Overall, Bailey was extremely loving, playful, gentle and oddly human-like.

I hope that with these details, a relatively accurate breed can be determined. I am pretty sure that he is part Vizsla, but any opinions would greatly be appreciated. Thanks