Happy Woofday To Us!!!

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Petey ♦ Theodore

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Barked: Mon Aug 11, '08 11:34am PST 
Thats right, there's a woofday coming up! Wanna hint who's??? Never mind, no hints - Imma just gonna tell you! Its mine, Duke's, Misty's, Shawty's, Chelsea's, Muffy's, and Macey's!!!! Our ACTUAL woofdays are all spread apart throughout the year, so our people have decided to just celebrate them all on one day in the summer, when our people have time and its nice out! Yay!
So anyways, we won't be online much on Wednesday, August 13, our woofday celebration, because its all day. But on Thursday, it will be celebrated on Dogster at around 4:00 dogster time at the AC&DC club! Can't wait to see you there!!! Anybody can come by the way... ;D