Looking fur some pals

Travel to places around the world, make new furiends and pawty with them; let your imagination carry you away!

Duke CGC

Gigantorsaurs- the lover of- all!
Barked: Mon May 19, '08 6:27pm PST 
I am looking for some furriends! If anyfur is intrested, either post here, or ask. Either way, thanks in advance! Oh, and my dogster id number is 757313.

Lots of love,

Barked: Wed May 21, '08 5:48pm PST 
Hi duke, send me a PPR plz and go to my page and join my group , it is called Cockers and more, Its for any dogs and cats, I know the name sounds only for Cockers but its for any breed so join plz I will be waiting for ya!blue dog

This is just a- Dream...
Barked: Mon Jun 16, '08 9:07am PST 
i'd like to be pals!


Smiley face
Barked: Sun Jun 29, '08 6:28am PST 
I'll be pals with you guys!

May I sit on- you?
Barked: Mon Jun 30, '08 1:08pm PST 
I sent you a PPR. Welcome!!