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Angel Annie

Love my treats,- oh yeah!
Barked: Wed Feb 27, '13 8:12am PST 

Maiyah, aliens shock

FlickaMom, glad snow is drying up. Maybe green grass will start emerging. Hope all goes well with Jay at the dentist. I'm having my crown next week.

SargeMom, depression is a horrible thing and sometimes so hard to treat. Sometimes meds are the only way if all else fails. Hugs to sweet Sarge! Hope Tom is feeling better.

POP for Clark.

Son is enjoying his visit. This was a very good idea for him to get away. He & DIL talk & text several times a day. Yesterday she told him she missed him. Anyway, I told him they would both have to make some changes if things were to improve. They are willing but we will see how it goes. They are planning on seeing a marriage counselor, too. On top of it all, both of them having pain issues doesn't help. Their 15th anniversary is coming up next week.

Our weather is absolutely gorgeous. Heard the mockingbird this morning.

hug for all in need and Smooches for each and every one hug
Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Wed Feb 27, '13 2:25pm PST 
Afternoon All........

AnnieMum... no snow.. all had gone yesterday morning... bright sun and high winds though ! The ground is drying up again...

Jay was only 20 mins .. wonderful dentist... Jay's been with him 25 years.

Your son and DIL seem willing to work at the marriage and that is a big thing. Hoping for better times for them.

Hugssss for all.............

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Maiyah - Sahara

Little Miss- Maiyah
Barked: Wed Feb 27, '13 5:49pm PST 
Snow, snow and, more snow. Wet, sticky stuff.
Went to the park for 1/2 hour, runnin and runnin.
Dad says I looked like a little dear in the meadow big grin
Tomorrow, snow mixed with rain. What a mess to be. Winter will be over in 4 weeks, or so.On the deck now, getting covered wit heavy snow. Looks beautiful if wet. Mom has a couple big towels just for "moi".
Mom says that my teeth are beautiful, white, clean. Jenna was not lucky with those. Stains..Rawhide, brushing, dry food ,plus fruits...Anyways, I guess I am lucky.
Good vibes to all. Stay well, be good,
Maiyah and clan


Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Wed Feb 27, '13 6:38pm PST 
Wavessss to Maiyah !

Everywhere seems to be having that heavy wet snow !

My Boys have lovely clean teeth too....just like humans.. some do some dont.. and some.. no matter what care they take.. it isnt so good.

Its good you have good teeth !

We have a pile of "doggie towels" !

Take care !
Sarge, our- precious- Angel

Barked: Thu Feb 28, '13 4:05am PST 
snow today - wet and yukky. Went to the other street for Sarge's walk yesterday and again, he wanted to walk home so we did and I went back and got the car. Good to see him walking and happy puppy Abby had just been by on her walk, and maybe Sarge wanted to follow the scent.

Gym has been good, and still haven't gotten to the Yoga class as I take the 9 AM ones and then stop at grocery for lunch/dinner things. I'll get there, but the "On the Ball" is good, for balance and toning. So glad son is home, and a time to just be himself with mom and dad is always good. He has been through alot, and the stress of moving and the pain management is not easy. Glad they will have counseling, I believe in it as sometimes just having a person listen to you and your thoughts.

Hoping that Clark might think of it. It is not unusual, being in the same age category as S&SMom - that we can get a depression, caused by many things, and certainly the loss of sweet Angel Socks. I know you cannot change another person, only yourself, but the power of suggestion or many a gentle nudge to try something new helps.

My sil said her husband just started withdrawing and won't go anywhere, he was 70 last year and they had the big party for him in May - He was active til a year or so ago. She is feeling down as when they both retired, she had hoped for things like a lunch out, and maybe a drive to see things, but that isen't happening. He drove for UPS for over 30 years, and doesn't drive at all now. They has grandchildren and that does fill time, but something for her, or for them, is what she had hoped for.

Maiyah, bet your little teeth sparkle! That is a beautiful thing to enjoy the snow and walks with mom and dad, too!

Flickamom, don't overdo with the cutting, you know it takes a toll later on heavy wood and the machine is not light either.

Scooter hoping that Trudy's nail is coming along and healing. And for your mom's that they are both doing well at work and also feeling better.

Tom is seeing the primary doctor for his annual physical on March 11th, and bloodwork - I'm anxious to see that. Hasen't been done in a year.

We're going to Tom's for pizza tomorrow nite - they are leaving Sat. with her whole family on a cruise, her family never had been and planned this a year ago. Her cousin will watch the 3 doggies and we stop in the afternoon and play with them, too. Wish we could do something like that again, we had such a good time on our family trips. Rob is enjoying his time and I think his head is clearing, he sounds more happy when he calls, which isen't often, though.

Hugs to all, and Spring ahead time is coming soon! March 1 tomorrow already, it is moving too fast for me, though. Tom's mom is getting a LifeLine, and also her transport chair for the stores, doctor's came. She has heart issues, and gets out of breath but would still like to see the store things - pick out a winter coat on sale, etc. At least she is still cooking her own meals and enjoying living in her house, so this all will just give her more safety features. The church spaghetti dinner is next Sunday, we love going to that.
Angel Annie

Love my treats,- oh yeah!
Barked: Thu Feb 28, '13 7:38am PST 

FlickaMom, glad Jay had a good and quick dentist visit. Thankfully, we have no snow here but so many do.

Maiyah, yaay for your little sparkling white toothies!

SargeMom, glad Sarge enjoyed his walk! Sorry about SIL and husband. Glad Tom is getting his bloodwork done and might find out why he hasn't been feeling so well lately. Wonderful that Rob is enjoying himself and hope C&T enjoy the cruise.

I seem to have lost my favorite reading/computer glasses. They were just from the dollar store but worked well. I have others but just don't seem to work as well as those. I'm sure they are around here somewhere.

hug for all in need and Smooches for each and every one kissing
Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Thu Feb 28, '13 1:36pm PST 
Afternoon All........

AbbySargeMum... sorry you have the yuk snow.. and big smiles to Sarge...

Glad the gym is working out for you.

Thinking of your SIL... somethings you have to have one of those "chats" people dont want to hear. Perhaps she can plainly and quietly speak HER side of it. It isnt an arguement.. it isnt bad feelings.. its sometimes the needed wake up call. And if it doesnt connect the 1st time.. then do it again.... once more.. it isnt devisive.. its life.

Councelling can help some people.. and it can also push others even further away. It doesnt work for some.It very much a case of each must do what works for them.

Thankfully the tree was all cut and burned on Sunday (cept the 6 foot of trunk that has become a "garden feature"...lol.. and a smaller 4 foot piece that will get burned eventually). And.. thankfully we have a chainsaw now for the next one.. and there will be ! Our drive is all big trees.. and one day....and we have many others here too.

Hoping Tom's annual goes smoothly... .HUGSSS

Hoping T&C have a great time. Its good for Rob to be doing what he is.... it sounds as if he has found the "path" again.

AnnieMum.... try this place... very fast service (and cheap postage).. alot cheaper than the pharmacies.. and with the way I get through them... we gave up on $300 a pair of readers !!. I now buy in blocks of 4... and the service is excellent and they often have sale prices. I buy the same kind.. so arms and nose pieces can be swapped if needed.

Reading Glass Shopper

I still use my distance ones from the optician... but they dont get the hard use the readers do.

Hugssss for all
Sully &- Socks Our- Angel

Barked: Fri Mar 1, '13 5:04am PST 
partypartywishesflowerscheerHappy Birthday, Flicka!partypartywishesflowerscheer
Hope you have a pawsome day, handsome boy!

Thank you all for your encouraging words about handling depression...I really appreciate all your input. Colonoscopy for him is Tuesday and prep this weekend. Praying all goes well as he's had problems for past year (his Mom did of Colon Cancer) and I'm thinking that may be worrying him more than he's letting on. Hoping mood will life after if results are good. Otherwise, will seek other avenue...but he will never, ever go to counseling (sadly).

Head is just rampaging here these days, so will check back as I can.

Love you all very much & apologize for misses (can't read back right now).kissing
Scooter,- PAWS

Power of the Paw- for those who- need it
Barked: Fri Mar 1, '13 6:26am PST 
Hey everyone....a big happpppppy birthday to flicka!!!!


Trudy has an autoimmune disease which are messing up her nails. It's called Symmetrical Lupoid Onychodystrophy...SLO for short. It attacks the nails so that nails split and nails come off. It was weird because for a couple of weeks, it was just one paw....then we noticed a nail split on a back paw. Then one came off on another. We went back 3 days later for our follow up and doc was concerned. After research and rule outs, she consulted with a dermatologist who said they suspected SLO. The only way to diagnose it truly is by amputating a toe and that ain't happening confused They agree and what we can do is treat her as though she has SLO and we'll know for sure if she gets better. it's a long process though and will take some time. She's doing ok. Walking is a little tender, but when she gets outside, she doesn't seem to care wink

She's not obsessively licking like she was so she doesn't really have to wear the cone way to go

I just have to say I'm so grateful for insurance. Seems with Spirits renal failure, billy's UTI, Scooters bells palsy, and now this. Whew...relieved

Sending you all hugs and love hughughughughughughughughughug
Angel Annie

Love my treats,- oh yeah!
Barked: Fri Mar 1, '13 8:03am PST 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FLICKA! You are such a beautiful boy and wish you a day filled with happiness and fun! partypartypartypartypartyparty

FlickaMom, found my glasses. Thanks for the link!

Scooter,hug for Trudy.

S&S, hope all turns out well for Clark. Praying for him!

Sorry, gotta be quick today. Son is doing so much better (so far) and I think this trip was such a good idea. I think things are going to be OK....

hug for all in need and Smooches for each and every one! kissing
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