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Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Wed Feb 20, '13 11:43am PST 
Afternoon All........

Wont be going grocery shopping today !

It started rain around 3am but it then turned to heavy wet snow and still doing it !

We normally get the dry snow here.

One almighty crash as I went out to do the snow/wet measurements for the weather report to CoCoRaHS/NOAA and one of the Black Jack Oaks that died in the drought last year came crashing down.

Going to have to cut and burn the tree... not looking forward to the slog that will be ! Will save that exhaustion for anither day !

This morning... my dogster friend in Brooklyn had to have her 15 yo dog go to the Bridge. She had gone into sudden decline at the weekend.. and was allowed to go gently this morning. Talked to my friend last night and after the appointment today. She is heartbroken.. and now needs tinme to heal.

Maiyah... loved the poem !!!!

AnnieMum.... there is one more woodpecker who is almost the same as the Hairy..and that is the Downy... need that for the set !

This white stuff was supposed to be RAIN !! but its very wet snow.. so it will do good when it melts.. ists finally slowed down and I am ust hoping there will be no more trees down.

Waves to S&S ..........

River.. thats bad about the groomer. Frankly... I think I might ask to stay and watch. They shouldnt opject if they are good groomers. Hoping the fur grows quick !
Sarge, our- precious- Angel

Barked: Wed Feb 20, '13 11:47am PST 
Tom had good appt., the dr. feels it is not cancer as no change but told him any changes he may see, sore throat, cough, weight loss, to let him know, so we are blessed - hate this disease, it does change your life.

I think the gym is a great stress buster and am taking a yoga class tomorrow morning. Used to take 2 Pilates a week, 2 Boot Camp, 2 strength and 5 trekking, back in the day, when my knee and hip were ok. Sort of a gym rat.

But Yoga even Courtney said is a good thing, balance and concentration, and you definately release endodorphins that are a plus when you exercise. Weight bearing is good as they stopped my Boniva a while ago and I have osteopenia. They are finding those prescription calcium are not great my ortho and PT both said the same - Rob said that as he sold Boniva when a pharm. rep. and didn't think I should take it but said maybe my doctor thought it worth the risk. He is now in Lima, Peru and hugging llamas, not dodging bullets.

Maiyah, loved your link and words - life is short, and if we all knew how to manage it all, but sadly, I know I don't. In hindsight, of course would do many things differently, as probably most would. We do our best and with love in our hearts, all we can ask.

River that is terrible - I have seen the snares around the dogs in the groomers and wonder if they fell off the table, or something, I guess they need to have them steady but it looks scary. Depends if the dog sits quietly, probably. Bet Levimom does a Great job and the dogs know she loves each of them.

Anniemom, hoping son's ribs are better.

Flickamom, we are going to Indian place tonight, Rob had a Groupon dear he didn't use and he said to print it out and use as was going to expire. Tom already checked menu on line and has shrimp on his mind and I'll have the "merg tika malsala" - know that's wrong spelling. And maybe mango sorbet. Only treating to 1 treat per week, I was really pounding the muffins and with the fashnauts out - bad for me, no willpower, so don't buy them or the donuts (polish) for this time of year.

Hope that Burt can maybe go to AZ - I think it would work great and they would not be worried with him, he is a sweet doggy. Tom always wanted to ride to Fla with Rocky, but that is a long trip and Rocky and his arthritus I think would not have been fun.

Thanks for the nice thoughts for Tom, they worked - believe in the support from all. way to go
Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Wed Feb 20, '13 3:03pm PST 
AbbySargeMum... Delighted for Tom's appointment... and hoping you can both get some comfort from that. Good News...

The amount of gym you used to take.... was really alot... honestly thinking too much... Please just go slower now.. and enjoy it and no more adding to injury... Hugssss ..Lots of atternative ways to do things and achieve the same results without injury... or all at the gym.

Glad Rob is travelling... great stuff... and good for the spirit.

Enjoy your meal ! The Masala sauces are wonderful !!

Just ordered a chainsaw... got alot of clearing to do on the smaller stuff on the tree. before that arrives.

Have to do groceries tomorrow.. will try and start on Friday. My bones didnt like the cold wet this morning !

Hugsssss for all................

Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Thu Feb 21, '13 7:09am PST 
Morning all.......

Last night everything from snow to rain and hail and ice and thunderstorms. Past 24 hours the melt water from the snow and hail and rain have just given use 2 inches !! We NEED this and we are a long way from out if drought. The cattle ponds are still dry.

Hope the Indian meal was good AbbySargeMum

Ok... got to do the shopping today... cant put it all off again really.....

Hugsss for all.......... back later...
Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Thu Feb 21, '13 7:28am PST 



Angel Annie

Love my treats,- oh yeah!
Barked: Thu Feb 21, '13 7:52am PST 

S&SMom, hope the headache eases.

River, so sorry to hear of the bad experience at the groomer.

FlickaMom, we had rain all yesterday evening and last night. Supposed to end tonight and it's warm. Thinking of our mutual friend and her sweet pup that went to Rainbow Bridge yesterday. hug Oh No...you're getting a chain saw....be careful! shock

SargeMom, Yaay, no cancer for Tom. Such a relief! cheer Jim thinks the gym is a great stress reliever, too. He says boot camp is one of the harder ones but loves the yoga. The poses he can't do he doesn't...some he's just not limber enough. Hope Rob is having a good time in Peru! Did you enjoy the Indian dinner?

Happy Birthday, Burt partypartypartypartypartyparty

Not much going on here. Jim is tutoring later.

hug for all in need and Smooches for each and every one kissing
Sarge, our- precious- Angel

Barked: Thu Feb 21, '13 2:43pm PST 
hugpartypartysnoopywishesway to gocheerhamster danceblue dog Happy Birthday to Burt and AngelWinston happy dancepartyhamster dancewishescheerlittle angelparty Hope that you both have wonderful birthdays surrounded with your friends at home and at the Rainbow Bridge. Bless your hearts, you are so loved.

Who is it that lost their dog or can't be said? I see that the pictures of Lab Club last week, one of the dogs spent his last day on earth at Lab Club at the Paw Park, bless him, he was 15 and Tiger was his name. He had a good day, and seemed in good spirits from what was said.

Tom went to his mother's to install the bars - one by the comode and the others are suction in the bath, and take up her rugs, did her bills, etc. She is very lucky to have sons near and I know I would be hard pressed to impose on Tom if I was in that circumstance. Rob, yes, I could ask him for anything.

Went to the gym early, yes I sure did over do it years ago, but I was in good condition and no problems til I hurt my shoulder, but the exercise helped that. I enjoyed it and the social part of the classes so much. The boys were both OOT then and I had lots of time to fill as Tom was working when I started it in 2001.

Then I went to the mall - I go to walk and look at the bright colors, rarely come home with a thing, maybe a card or something from the dollar store. Tomorrow is the wedding at the Mall - one of Tom's old police buddies who is security there, met a woman who works in Vitamen World. He bought her engagement ring at Kays Jewelers in the Mall, she bought her dress at Deb there, and the Mall has a 'sand beach' for the kids right now, and since they wanted a 'beach wedding' it will be held there! Can't wait to see it, I'll wear something bright and cheerful, like a summer day. They are in their 60's and both have grown kids and are very happy to find each other. She has been with VW 16 years and he is there 6 years I think.

Hoping that the weather will break soon, it is bitter cold and a nasty type, you feel that it would make you sick. Not the fluffy snow cold and pretty - this is like a freezer. Sarge still getting ointment 3 times a day - I can see the ulcer is still there, but doesn't bother with it, which is good.

Chainsaw - I would cut my finger off! Guess Jay won't get on your 'bad side' - big laugh
just joking!

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Sully &- Socks Our- Angel

Barked: Thu Feb 21, '13 2:54pm PST 
partypartywishescheerkissingHappy Birthday, Burt, sweetie!!partypartywishescheerkissing

doghugwishespartyrainbowHappy Birthday, WINston XXLP...big pawty at the Bridge tonight!!doghugwishespartyrainbow

Just woke up & head is quiet for the moment (been sleeping all day meds). Thanks all for sweet wishes!

cheerSo happy Tom's appointment showed no more cancer!!!cheer Glad Rob is outta Mexico, too dangerous down there with drug cartels shooting everthing up! Hope you're enjoying the gym, Sarge Mom and that sweet Sarge is feeling better w/eyes and ears.

Flicka Mom, so sorry one of your beautiful Black Jack Oaks fell, going to be a big job removing that! Thankfully it didn't hit the house or hurt any of you!! So sorry your friend lost her dog in Brooklyn, send our sympathies. Glad you got wet snow that will help with dry soil when it melts.

Maiyah, loved your beautiful poems and writings and so hope your tummy is better now.

Annie Mom, so happy to hear your son there is doing so well and hope things are going ok with dil's procedure (has it relieved her pain alot?) and son with sore ribs. Thrilled all is over with the TX house and they don't have to worry with that any more. Little Ashley looked so cute in her BD picture and hope it was happy for her.

Wishing Rhon & Lar a wonderful time in AZ and hoping Burt & son get along fine while they're gone. Know how anxious the are to see little Matthew and the Marvelous Miss Maya! Weather forecast looked good for the week, too!

Ray had to be taken back to the hospital day before yesterday with fluid in his lungs. Cindy said he was doing ok and probably came home yesterday or today.

Well, just wanted to pop in while the jackhammer is resting and send much love to all here and away. Healing wishes to all in need! Getting ready to watch weather news & see where we are regarding Storm Q headed east. It's cold & we've had heavy winds.

EDIT: See Sarge Mom & I were posting at same time. The wedding at the Mall sounds lovely & the story of how it all happened. Hope you enjoy it!

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Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Thu Feb 21, '13 5:58pm PST 
Finally.. just one of those days.. not bad.. just never ending !

AnnieMum... trust me.. I hate chain saws and have THE greatest respect for them ! Jay said he will help with the chainsaw bit !

AbbySargeMum... I dont think you know her.. and she asked for it to be kept low but realised so many cared and has been bowled over by the love . The dogs name was Chloe.. she would have been 16 in April... she was a rescue at 6 weeks. Her Mum lives in Brooklyn ..

That is a lovely way for the dog from the Lab Club to spend his last day.. I think that is wonderful.

Tom's Mum is lucky as you say. I know it can be a little hard too for you and Tom.

I think that wedding will be SO happy !! Its wonderful when folk find a soul mate and at a time they perhaps dont expect it. Best of Luck to them !!!

Yes.. the wet snow was a surprise here !

The chainsaw... laughing... There are few tools that bother me.. I can use most.. I have used chainsaws .. BUT... I dont like them. I think Jay has also decided i dont need to be around it much !!!

S&S.. so glad you are having a better day.

It seems winter is not going to be cheated of its last Hurrah ! Take care...

Hugsss for all......
Angel Annie

Love my treats,- oh yeah!
Barked: Fri Feb 22, '13 7:58am PST 

SargeMom, how fun to have a beach wedding at the mall....and at 60 so happy they found each other. Enjoy the wedding and act as if it's summer! POP for Sarge's eye. Glad you are enjoying the gym.

S&SMom, those darn headaches! Well, son in LV is coming for a visit to "get away". Things aren't going so well with him & DIL and am afraid a possible separation is coming. May be for the best. How is sweet Sully? Sorry to hear about Ray but glad he is back home.

FlickaMom, just be careful with that chainsaw. I'm not a tool person, can you tell? Something is in the air that is making me sneeze & my eyes gritty.

Jim tutored the twins last night and their mom has been staying and visiting with me. I have really come to enjoy our chats. She is a very interesting person. An electrical engineer (not working now) and was in the military and very many interesting things to talk about.

hug for all in need and Smooches for each and every one kissing
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