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Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Fri Feb 1, '13 9:45am PST 
Morning All..........

Scoots... rest and warmth and gentleness are the best thing for Billy and I know Other Mum will have done all that. I know DarlaMae gets them just occasionally too. BIG HUGS.... Hoping they go away.

Take care all of you !

Usual ups and downs with tempos here again.. below freezing and a pretty day.. wind storm went through yesterday.

AnnieMum... spent much of yesterday afternoon outside clearing leaves and mulching them etc.

Glad you were able to get some stuff done too !!

Hugsss for all........... please be careful in the weather.. stay warm and safe.
Sarge, our- precious- Angel

Barked: Fri Feb 1, '13 12:43pm PST 
Scooter, we are sending alot of hughug to Billy hughug. Those are scary and will he see the vet? Somepup was having seizures - snapping at 'flies' - was it Burt?

Rob is going to try the change for a while, it's not permanent plus all his doctor's are here. He needs to see how he can manage and this is a good opportunity.

This morning, I started thinking I didn't make anything when my sil's father passed so I made some chicken and we drove it to her and also Valentine's snack cake. Talked to Fran who had picked up all his meds. He gets the port put in on Monday and the chemo on Tuesday 6-8 hours. JoAnn (wife) and I will have lunch that day, she will be worried. Fran said that it is once a week, this is long session rest are 45 minutes - for about 3 weeks, then a rest for a while and starting again. We also stopped at Tom's sister's house and his mother's and left her a chicken dish too. Ann had taken her to the hairdresser and said she fell in the bathroom last night, on her knee, but seemed to be ok. If it is swollen or worse, Immediate Care is right around the corner.

I also read of a pain management concept - I'm sure there are many. There are centers here in Buffalo for pain management, too, maybe would be of help to Flickamom.

Anniemom, glad that you have nice weather - send some here!

S&S - the picture of Sully is so handsome, what a dear doggy he is. Thoughts of him and of Burt, who looks so sad with Ozzy (on FB) and maybe on Burt's page. It is tearing us apart to see him that way and his birthday is this month, sweet boy. cloud 9

Well, Sarge stays on the same eye ointment and a week from Monday another checkup - hoping this does it for him.

Still not sure who all will be here for Super Bowl, but we will have pizza and wings anyhow. Tom's stomach acting up again, he is trying his old prescription, doesn't want to take more Flagle right now as it kills all bacteria in the intestinal system.
Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Fri Feb 1, '13 3:05pm PST 
AbbySargeMum.. the fly snapping was Dixie I think... I know Darla does ok after a rest. So hoping that Billy will be ok too.

Glad Fran has the chemo organised. It takes up alot of time yes. Hoping all goes well.

Hopefully Tom's Mum is none the worse for the fall.

This is a good move for Rob. It will give him the chance to see how things go and ease back into things.

My spine doc is pain management... thats what they have been trying to do for the past 11 months.This is now no further forward... works for some.. and he tried alot. I go back in 2 months... no real point in once a month for now.

Hoping Tom can find something that will help his tummy.

Hugsss for all.................

Burt- BlackPearl

Shelter Dogs- Deserve a 2nd- Chance
Barked: Fri Feb 1, '13 7:24pm PST 
wrote a new diary entry:

"It's been quite an adjustment with Dixie gone. She was my rock, my anchor, my security blanket. I've been hanging out a lot with OzzyCat, usually on Mom and Dad's bed. And every day when the Mom leaves for work, I hang out with Son #2 (he does graphic arts/photography from home when he's not working the occasional convention).

My semi-annual exam is coming up. Usually, we'd both get dropped off at Dr. M's in the a.m. and spend the day. The staff always would put me in a kennel across from Dixie--I was ok if I could see her. Brenda, the office mgr, called and asked Mom if she thought I'd do better with a room visit, seeing as how I didn't have Dixie anymore to calm me. So, we're doing an 11am office visit on Fri Feb 8. Mom is planning on hearing it because I've put on so much weight. From the back, I look as big as Damon once was, and I'm NOT that type of Lab... BOL.

I have become very vocal. Aarrroooooaaarrroooooo. Mom wonders if I'm not part Beagle wink

Finding my way with a lot of love. life goes on... one day at a time."


So sorry to hear about Billy's seizure. Dixie had "fly catching" seizures, where she's stare at things that weren't there and occasionally snap the air like she was trying to catch a fly. She wouldn't respond to her name or any noise until she "came back". Remo had mid-grade seizures, laying down on the floor, rigid legs, tremors, closed mouth breathing and wild eyes. They started when he was around 3 yrs old, and would happen when he was over-excited during the day. Thankfully they would only last a couple of minutes, and were never frequent enough to warrant phenobarb. They were scary to see, but he always bounced back from them fairly quickly.

Sending much love to the entire Sarge Mom family. So many issues. Praying you find continued strength, and things begin to smooth out. Was hoping 2013 would be a better year for all... Still hope.

Love to you all...

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Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Fri Feb 1, '13 7:29pm PST 
We love you Burt.. LOTS... will be thinking of you Sweetheart.

Hey.. if you get told "diet" its a small thing... as long as you are well.

Love and HUGSSSSSS from us...

Flicka ∆,,∆ & Lucas /..| Cleo (I.M.) ∆,,∆ & Pam X
Sarge, our- precious- Angel

Barked: Sat Feb 2, '13 3:34am PST 
Good to hear from BurtPearl, and so glad mom will be in on the visit too. I remembered the fly catching was a while ago. There have been 2 beautiful Black Pearls here, one from our Lab Club, just 3 years old, they are looking for a home, Siri. And another. The vet tech hears of them as well. You will know when Dixie sends a sign. Was talking to a friend about bulldogs vs. Labs - so totally different, energy wise. Really not a comparison.

Thank you for the good wishes, everyone has had 'something' in this family lately, even Abby with her ear infection. She is a different dog than our dear Rocky and wants to be in your lap, or at least, in your face at night. She too, is more weighty than should be, and needs to run.

We have about 8 inches of snow from last night - all the south stuff came up north. I need to get more eye ointment and some things at the store, roads will be plowed and salted later.

See that Matthew did his tests, he sure is a cute baby and so loved.

Glad that Fran will start his chemo, the port is placed Monday at the hospital. Was glad to see he had the Emend - for nausea. A friend from the gym had breast cancer and I saw her at the library, she said that it really works.

Watched a movie last night with Diane Keaton - dog she found at side of Road - Freeway - and then it got lost when they were up in the mts. in Colorado - quite a story and a good ending cloud 9 Like good endings.

Have a good day all, Tom is probably going to have to go to GI Clinic and have more tests, cannot live on random pills. He looks so old, face is lined and with grey hair, very pale. The past 3 years took alot from him. I think it is true that woman are stronger enotionally inside.

Hugs hugs

big hugflowersbig hug to all for happy days ahead
Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Sat Feb 2, '13 7:20am PST 
Morning All........

AbbySargeMum... all dogs are thankfully different . Just as are humans. That is what makes life so beautiful... no comparisons... just as much love... just different ways.

Take care in the snow !

Yes Matthew is doing great !

Sorry that Tom has to go back to the GI clinic.. but good to get this sorted.

Men and women are emotionally strong in different ways. The old phrase"The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world" comes to mind. Equally I have known women who had no ability to cope.... and men who were the strong ones.

Yes... happier days ahead are rather overdue....

Hugsss for all.......Errands day.........
Angel Annie

Love my treats,- oh yeah!
Barked: Sat Feb 2, '13 8:39am PST 

FlickaMom, glad you were able to get outdoors. I know how much it helps you mentally....me, too! I saw some info the other day that I sent to my son in LV.** Injection of long lasting anesthesia around nerves that supply ribs for pain relief.** He broke his ribs a couple of months ago and did something to cause them to have a lot of pain again. Pain pills are a problem for him as he ends up taking more than he should to try for relief. He goes to a pain doc, too, as he has neck & back problems. He's already had one fusion in his neck. Anyway, didn't know if this was the same type procedure you already had. Another beautiful day. Will try and go outside again. Love hearing the birds singing.

SargeMom, POP for Tom. I so understand stomach problems...had them off and on for some time. If things haven't cleared up by now maybe a visit to the GI doc would help figure it all out. Yogurt is good for replacing the bacteria antibiotics take out. You are such a thoughtful person taking food to those that are sick. So sorry Tom's mom fell. Hope she is OK. Prayers for Fran as he starts chemo. Glad he has a nausea medicine. Hope Rob's experience going to Georgia temporarily will give him a lift. He has been through so much.

BurtMom, Annie has put on a few lbs, too. She goes for her checkup Monday so I will see how much she weighs. Last time it was 86 lbs and the vet didn't say she needed to lose....yet! So glad Burt has some company while ya'll are at work. Give him a hug from us!

We watched the Clydesdale horses on TV the other day and some of the commercials they made for Budweiser. Oh my, what beautiful creatures they are. Some of the commercials are quite touching....even bringing tears to my eyes.

hug for all in need and Smooches for all kissing
Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Sat Feb 2, '13 3:16pm PST 
Annie Mum..

Yes.. radiofrequency ablation and also the injections. Works for some.. and not others...Ribs take at least 3 months to really heal... and hurt for all that time. Basically.. he's got to be sensible about the pills. He's an adult and can surely see the point. If he doesnt.. they will stop even giving him the tablets. Also he will build an immunuity if over used.

Ribs take their time.. and there sadly isnt a short cut. I hope he can rest them a bit and they will heal eventually. Hoping the pain doc can help him. Fusions arent fun..

Shire horses are beautiful. Several of the breweries in London have used Shires of various types for City deliveries ... since the 1800's and some still do for publicity just as the Budweiser ones are. The first horse I ever sat on was a Clydsdale at a farm we used to go to in wales. Molly taught me ALOT ! They were originally a Scots breed .

Been a cool but beautiful day with a crisp breeze !

Hugssssssssssss for all..........
Maiyah - Sahara

Little Miss- Maiyah
Barked: Sat Feb 2, '13 6:54pm PST 
Harness, barrier, how do we travel since contrary to Jenna, Maiyah does not want to stay in the back of the car (5 door model)???Opinions please.
Mom and Dad are "drained" cuz...too humid.Sunday should see some more pics, dog park or a good walk at a nature park. Rather mild with a bit of fresh snow.
TTFN, Morro folks,
The Pack
flowersbig hugdog walk
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