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Sully &- Socks Our- Angel

Barked: Sat Jan 19, '13 10:19am PST 
Oh, Sarge Mom, so very sorry to hear Tom is feeling so awful and hope the mild food and immodium help him (that's such a terrible way to feel). Did he get a flu shot? I hear there are two types of flu going around, the upper respiratory (which we had here for over a month...but not much tummy/bowel problems) and then the stomach one, which maybe is what Tom has. Please keep us updated and we pray he'll recover very soon.
Will be anxious to hear what doc says on Monday. So glad to hear Rob got out for some fun and his friend sounds lovely (coming in to meet the parents seems unheard of these days...a beautiful blast from the past)! Pulling for little Sarge to feel better real soon, too. Sounds like a lovely walk you had with sweet Abby! I didn't quite understand what you meant that Fran's diagnosis is...C-Dif (is that a stage of cancer or something else new?) You'll all be in our thoughts and prayers.

Annie Mom, glad the dental cleaning went well and you had someone who understands your digestive problems to discuss with. Glad you're having nice weather & you an Annie are able to walk and enjoy. Hope you enjoy your dinner out today or tomorrow. Really pulling for son's home sale to go through this time and lift his spirits. Do they like living in LV (and the girls)?

Flicka Mom, y'all enjoy your steak dinner (a nice treat after errands)! Be extra careful around the steak knife....smile Know the boys will enjoy the scraps you'll bring home to them!

Maiyah & PapaC, you really are in the deep freeze up there. Enjoy, but be careful with that shoveling Papa. Loved the new pix of MamaA and Maiyah...two beautiful gals!

Sending love and positive thoughts to dear Burt, Mom & Dad. Spring is just around the corner and we'll all be out of the doldrums of winter!

This winter has seemed darker, colder and heavier on us here...can't imagine why! Sully has had a few better days here lately and we're praying he's coming back to himself. I know this sounds crazy, but I find myself SO longing for another dog, as after having had two, nothing seems right any more. Socks, in her own gentle way, was such a huge part of our family & the two of them with their antics kept us in stitches most of the time. Now the house is quiet as a tomb and we can't get out & go anywhere as the car needs work & finances won't allow (plus I refuse to leave Sully in the house alone). I summoned up the courage to mention this to Clark the other night and he stopped me in my tracks, saying it just made him feel worse to think about it as he'd like to as well, but it is absolutely not feasible for us, nor would it be fair to the dog. I wish I could get my heart in alignment with my head. See SO many precious goldens and others on FB every day that need homes and just makes the longing worse. My finger has even twitched to go to Petfinder.com. What is WRONG with me that I cannot accept reality here?!? OK, rant over...

Wishing all of you a nice weekend and praying that Tom will feel much better very soon...will check back for updates. He wouldn't be any better off in the hospital as all the hospitals are packed with people with the flu!

Going to take little Sully for a nice walk and try to clear my stupid head of longings that cannot be fulfilled.

Love you all dearly!
Sarge, our- precious- Angel

Barked: Sat Jan 19, '13 2:56pm PST 
Hi all, S&S mom, we had the flu shot - this is something either like C-Dif which his brother contracted in the hospital and kept him there 2 weeks - or something else in his system. He has lost 7 lbs since Christmas, which I just found out when he was telling the nurse about it. He, like Clark and most men, are very stoic and suffer in silence, so when I saw him yesterday, white and shaking and willing to call the GI dr. I knew he was sick. We'll see the Primary tomorrow and the GI at the hospital on Thursday, that's where their offices are. Thanks for caring, everyone, appreciate the positive thoughts and kind words.

Glad your dental appt. was done, Anniemom, and that you'll go for a nice dinner. My friend was disappointed (Minx) that we didn't get together while she was here, but even if Tom was better, I was afraid to take something over to her Aunt in her frail condition, if it was contagious. Not worth it for a lunch and hour of conversation.

S&S I know there are so many sweet dogs that need homes, and far be it for me to say what to do knowing all the vet bills etc., that can happen, but if it is to be, it will come. We all know our angels are watching over us and they sent Abby - who is So unlike Rocky, and that was a good thing. There was a precious Pom in the FB today - did you see it - a golden one, so cute - 3 years old. Almost called son and wife but they have 3 and don't need more.

Sarge's eye is really improved after the drops - another week for a recheck and hoping the other eye has more tear level too. At almost 9 dry eye isen't unusual and that's all that he has, he is fine healthwise, so good news way to go

Been busy all day and walking the dogs and now time for a shower and read. Tom will tape the Hallmark Valentine movie at 9:00 tonight - I enjoyed the Christmas ones they had.

Scooter good to hear from you - never cut any of the doggies nails - Rocky's were black as our Abby's and heavy - Sarge's don't grow fast so it's worth having them done at the vet or PetSuppliesPlus -

Hugs to all - hoping that the sun will shine soon, we need some Vit. D here. Loving thoughts of our sweet DarlaMae and her family, bless them. hug
Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Sat Jan 19, '13 4:17pm PST 
Well Jay had a complete change of mind and decided he wanted to eat at Red Lobster !

So... we did !

Apart from the fact that is my salt intake for the next 2 months !!! it was good !

Its our Wed Anni next Saturday so I will claim the steak then I think !

I came home.. changed clothes and worked for 2 hours in the garden. Ice storm last week....65F today...

AnnieMum... glad all went well. Hope you have a nice meal out too.

S&S... in this sort of case I have found reality and fact have little bearing on each other. I had the same situation after Cleo died.. There isnt an easy answer.. I NEVER go looking on the rescue sites or the breeder site(though I have 2 in mind) I dont.. because it is pointless.

AbbySarge Mum.... a thing I passed on to a few.. and did mention in here. My spine doc made it very clear most of us are Vit D deficient... when I said about the sunshine.. he said it makes little difference as to actually get any benefit you need not wash for 40 hours after exposure !!!! He said apart from the correct foods.. basically a Vit D suppliment is the only way to change anything. He started me off on 3000mgs a day... and recommends 8000-10,000mg . My Vit D is very very low when tested... and I have been able to raise it somewhat.. but a way to go yet. Vit D is very important to neurological things and pain control is one of them

DarlaMae's Mum passed this info onto her doc.. and he did a blood test on her after confirming the info and she was also chronically low.. and he instantly started her on 3000mg a day and recommended as my doc did increasing the dose.

It was a real learning curve on that !!!

Hoping Tom is feeling somewhat better. Yes there are the 2 types of flu.. but with his exposure to the thing Fran had.. getting it checked is very wise.

Glad Sarge is doing better.

Hugssss for all..................

Sully &- Socks Our- Angel

Barked: Sun Jan 20, '13 5:52am PST 
Sarge Mom, you're so very right that when men actually agree to call the doctor you KNOW they are really sick. How is Tom today? Thinking of him and praying very hard. Has he been eating well prior to feeling this way...wonder how the 7lbs dropped off so fast. So hope the doctor tomorrow will have an answer to make him feel much better sooner than later. Glad to hear Sarge's eye is so much better and nothing else is wrong with the dear little fellow. Dear Abby surely was sent to you by Rocky and she is such a sweet dog. Clark and I have always had large dogs and would want another (there's so many Goldens that Eileen posts of FB and one that looked like a baby Socks that just ripped at my heart...was in VA, too)! A little dog just wouldn't be a good fit here as neither of us are very stable and it could get underfoot and hurt too easily, plus it seems so many of the small breeds bark constantly and we wouldn't tolerate that very well. We're mainly concerned about the welfare of any dog coming into our family as there's always the possibility of health problems (and we simply could not manage the vet bills) as well as the increased cost of maintenance (Frontline Plus and Heartguard each month, which are both very expensive for larger dogs). We managed with Socks by letting other things (some bills slide) and are now in a pretty deep hole. With Clark's legs so bad it had already become difficult for him to walk either Sully or Socks (which is what they lived for each day). He'd usually take Socks because she was slow and didn't pull him. Since we had the flu for so long, Clark took Sully almost every day to help me recover, but it really wore him out. Sully behaves much better with me (don't really know why) and I've resumed walking him again. Despite our longings, we're trying to keep in mind what would be best for another dog. The fact is that we're not equipped financially or physically to bring another one home just to satisfy our selfish longings...we have to put the welfare of the dog first and both of us know in our heads that it just wouldn't be fair if we aren't able to give another all it deserves. Those are the facts...we just have to accept reality here and do what's best for Sully, ourselves and a possible newcomer. Might be able to consider it if we were younger, but we'll be 70 this year and who knows how either of our health situations will evolve. That being said, we'd love nothing more than another furbaby to fill our home with joy again and be a companion for sweet Sully.

So what Fran had was like another form of flu that kept him in the hospital. Bless Tom's heart for going to see his brother every day, but we're praying it hasn't resulted in Tom picking up the same thing from Fran. Please tell Tom we're all holding you all close in our hearts and prayers. Also, doesn't Tom have to go back to Roswell in February to have that area in his mouth checked out? We're all here for you no matter what, you know that, and are keeping so much hope in our hearts that all will turn out well.

It was so sweet of you to discuss Sully's grief with your Empty Leash folks at the last meeting and we're sure they're right that time is the only healer. Its a shame that the wonderful facility you've always used is not going to be available any longer and we hope you can find another place that suits everyone's needs. That wonderful lady who organizes everything is truly an angel with so much compassion despite all her own medical issues. I didn't see anything about Mel in Sally's fundraiser for Brandi, but it sounds like it all got straightened out. Poor Brandi has done so much for others and now she needs all the help she can get. Hope she's able to save her home...we chipped in a little bit and hope enough is raised to help her.

I've been taping "Downton Abby" and will watch when I have a few more episodes.

Flicka Mom, we LOVE Red Lobster, but haven't been in years! So glad you enjoyed the seafood, despite the salt content. Living here in VA we've always had easy access to the wonderful Maryland blue crabs, but for the last few years they have been very small and WAY too expensive. We used to go to a place called Mike's Crab Shack in Parole, near Annapolis, MD and sit out on the patio to crack & eat the crabs...always enjoyed the atmosphere of being on a pier, hearing & smelling the water, and the clanging of all the boat riggings...made for a total experience & was so enjoyable. Nice that you'll be able to get your steak next weekend! Won't this be about yours & Jay's 8th Anniversary?
So nice that you could get out & work in your garden with such nice temperatures yesterday & surely the boys enjoye romping and playing in their wonderful compound!
My last physical showed a great deficiency in Vit D as well and the doc prescribed 3000mg a day, which I took for awhile and really should get back on them. Just hate having to take so may pills every day! What do you hear from Nancy whose husband is so sick with cancer? Sounds like she's been through an awful lot and, though we don't know her, send our best wishes.

Scooter, we only got a dusting of snow the other day here and it was gone by the time the sun was fully up. Sorry you didn't get any over there since the beagleys enjoy it so much! Hope you Mama's feeling much better now!

Annie Mom, how's your weather there today (think you said rain was on the way)?
Is your medicine helping your gastro problems? That can be so very painful and we hope you've gotten some good relief. Hope Jim is feeling better now and is more able to come to terms with losing his friend Dave so tragically. Keeping our fingers crossed that son's home sells this time and that all is well with him & his family in Las Vegas.

DarlaMae's family is always on our minds and we keep them in prayer always.

Hoping little Trickle is healing up well and that River and family are enjoying their travels. Assume they'll be heading back to Canada in early spring.

PapaC, its so heartwarming that Maiyah has brought so much joy back to your family (thanks to our sweet Angel Jenna for sending her). You always post such sweet words and pictures and we enjoy your kindness and thoughtfulness in the various wonderful e-mails and posts. Hope you all are staying warm in all that cold and snow!

Sending loving thoughts to Rhon, Lar & sweet Burt and hoping that Rhon is feeling better after having a bad cold.

Will check back tomorrow for word on Tom and hoping he's feeling some better today.

hughughugMuch love to all & healing wishes for all who need them!hughughug
Angel Annie

Love my treats,- oh yeah!
Barked: Sun Jan 20, '13 8:15am PST 

SargeMom, so glad Tom is seeing the doc tomorrow. Hope he is better today and send him our get well wishes!Please keep us posted. Great news about Sarge's eye. Hope the problem will be solved soon. Hope you get some sunshine!

FlickaMom, Red Lobster sounds soooooo good! They have been showing lots of commercials on TV for them and the food looks so yummy. Glad you enjoyed it and now can look forward to your Anniversary and the steak. Had to laugh at S&SMom's comment about the steak knife! Hope your finger is healing up. Yes, Vitamin D is very important. I need to get checked. Also, so is Vitamin B sublingual which also helps pain.

S&SMom, my heart aches for you in your thoughts of another dog. Wish there was some way this could work, but I'm sure you have thought of them all. Are there any other dogs in the neighborhood that could come have a play date with Sully? Just a thought! Our weather has been gorgeous and no rain expected until end of next week. Son & family love it in LV. The house is supposed to close in February....fingers crossed! The meds seem to be helping but still have some burning in chest from time to time. Like you, I feel like all I do is take pills...ugh! Jim has come to terms with his friend's passing and is having lunch with other friends now, tutoring and doing volunteer work to keep busy.

We had a really nice late lunch with son at Gringo's Mexican Grill yesterday. I'm kinda liking this getting driven around and sitting in the back seat...up so high can see lots of things.

hug for all in need and Smooches for each and every one kissing
Sarge, our- precious- Angel

Barked: Sun Jan 20, '13 2:41pm PST 
hi to S&S Mom for the newsy and nice messages to all - I passed your good thoughts to Tom from all here, he sure was a mess on Friday, and I know he is not feeling good as he didn't go to church - he has never missed, that I remember, in 34 years - so I feel he doesn't want to pass this on - if it is a flu - or just doesn't feel good or both. I walked Abby tonight and froze - so cold she turned around to come back earlier than around the whole block. He may possibly have a condition called C-Dif - you can google it as not sure what it is but very contagious and also can be a lifetime thing. Of course, in my mind is the Roswell connection with his weight loss in a short time.

Vit. D deficient here, had a test last physical and the shingles vac. Guess alot of us share that here. Hate to take pills and skip my cholestrol often - bad bad.

So good news of son's house and crossing our fingers that it sells for them. way to go

Glad you enjoyed your Red Lobster and also have the steak dinner to look forward to on your anniversary Wednesday.

I know, wishing I had an answer for us to all have more of our furry friends when we would like to, but many considerations. And it's a hard thing, especially to see the websites and the shelters. Abby and Sarge had a few tough months until it was settled, thought a puppy was the answer, maybe an older one would have been better, opposite of what we thought, that Sarge would be the alpha.

Always thinking of Burt, Sully and hoping that Rhon is over her cold.

Maiyah, such a beautiful baby

Hugs to all - this is short but going to clean up the kitchen and read. Tom and Rob will watch the football. cheer

DarlaMae and family, always in our prayers and hearts
Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Sun Jan 20, '13 3:01pm PST 
Afternoon All......

Any breed can bark constantly. It isnt just "small breeds" Barking constantly is bad behaviour.. nothing to do with the size of the dog.. just humans who arent prepared to correct the bad manners...

That said.. I totally understand why you cannot add another dog. It is as you say... so many other things to consider.

S&S... I miss good seafood... everything we get is frozen because of where we are. Still we have dirt cheap meat here instead...Would swap !! In UK so easy to get good seafood fresh.. and here too.. if you are much nearer the coasts.

I talk to Nancy daily.. and I am and certainly will pass on all good wishes. She has done all that can be done.. and is at peace with the process.. and the inevitable. THAT is a HUGE help for her. She was taking Min into see Mike today. There will be a few tears.

Yes.. it will be our 8th Anniversary.

AnnieMum.. stunning day here again as well. in the 20's overnight and light fog this morn and then mid 60'sF all day. beautiful. The little clump of hycynths by the south deck steps has just broken ground... they need to stay down a while !

Glad things are settling for Jim too... time is the factor.

My finger is doing ok. Sharp knives are far less dangerous than blunt ones. I wont have blunt knives around.

Glad you had a nice meal with your son ! Jay favourite food is Mexy....

Hugsssssssssss for all...........

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Sully &- Socks Our- Angel

Barked: Mon Jan 21, '13 6:57am PST 
Quick pop in for new from DadT's doc visit...back later (going to watch the Inauguration!)

Love ya's!
Angel Annie

Love my treats,- oh yeah!
Barked: Mon Jan 21, '13 7:57am PST 

FlickaMom, I saw on a thread where Minster was going to visit Mike. I hope it gave him some comfort. I'm sure Nancy appreciates your friendship and support.
I love Mexican food, too, along with seafood & Italian. I will have the leftover Quesadillas for lunch today. Living close to the bay there is plenty of fresh seafood. Our weather will remain nice for the next few days. Glad you are enjoying your weather, too. Azaleas are blooming! Hope your finger is healing nicely! Thankfully, Annie is not a barker and neither were our other dogs.

SargeMom, Is it today that Tom goes to the doctor? Please keep us posted and hope he is feeling better this morning. I need to get checked for Vitamin D, too. Also got the Shingles vaccine some time ago after I saw how my mom suffered with it. Get well wishes for Tom.

Hi S&SMom! Hope all is well.

hug for all in need and Smooches for each and every one! kissing
Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Mon Jan 21, '13 9:39am PST 
Morning All......

AnnieMum... its me updating that thread....Mike is in the transition stage now... and not really concious. Yes Minster went... Mike didnt really know.. but Min seems to know(they do) and was calm and wanted to go home having licked Mike's face.

Nancy is doing well. Spoke with her this morn... and will again later...

Hard ice and frost this morn and a beautiful day now. This settled weather can stay as long as it likes !!BUT... we NEED rain

Hoping Tom is feeling better.. will pop back later to see if there is any news.

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