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Maiyah - Sahara

Little Miss- Maiyah
Barked: Mon Dec 17, '12 5:52pm PST 
Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Mon Dec 17, '12 6:08pm PST 
AbbySargeMum... really had to smile about the kittens... would be the same here... not a possible.. wish it was.. but no way !

My prediction is this.. 50 years to change the Constitution (re "Right to bear arms") and 100 years to change the gun culture mentality.

Really hoping... this is at least a beginning...

Maiyah... its wonderful that you are YOU... and I lkoved the picture !!!!

Been working outside most of the day....

Hugsss for all.... hard and difficult times.. but much love to help ...
Sully &- Socks Our- Angel

Barked: Mon Dec 17, '12 6:25pm PST 
Rhon, we're right there with you in our hearts as you are facing what's to come with your precious girl, Dixie. Wish you and Lar were on the same page, but (as others have said) some folks just can't bring themselves to make these decisions. Wishing that you could come together to give Dixie this final gift, but know you will do what's right for her as you always have. Hoping that perhaps the eye vet will be willing to discuss the situation with both of you there and, perhaps, give Lar the strength to be with you as any decision is made. You're in our prayers constantly and we wish there was something we could do to ease the pain you're feeling. Just know that all of us here will be supporting you and helping you always...you are NOT alone. Though we're not close in miles, all of your pals are sharing the pain with you and will be here
for you, no matter what. You are so loved by so many. hughughughughug

DarlaMae, precious ones, it was so wonderful to read you uplifting post and remind us all to look for the light in the darkest of days. We keep you close in our hearts and prayers every day and love you all so dearly. We all have to fight the darkness in our own way, but as you said, we cannot give in to it...we must search for and hold close the light and carry on. Hope all is well when you see the cardio doc on Wednesday (we'll be anxious to hear). Thank you for posting the Rock Solid Support Forever picture and the beautiful candle to light our way. You all are such treasured friends and your posting has made our little groups seem whole again. We are all here for you however you are feeling and want to be able to give you comfort in any way we can. hughughughughug

PapaC, all you quotes and pictures are so inspiring and a real lift to everyone's spirits. LOVED the blue winter picture of the lady in the snowfall!
Happy 3 mo old BD to Maiyah Saraha...a beautiful pup, paw picked by our dear Angel Jenna and giving you joy. For that, all of us are very grateful.

Sarge Mom, hoping Fran is improving (sounds like he's had an awful time of it). Thank you for the sweet words for Sully and us. We will get through this eventually and are at peace knowing our dear Socks is free from pain and suffering. The house seems so quiet and strange now without the two of them following us everywhere and tussling around or sleeping side by side. She was a treasure to us and we're trying to focus on all the golden memories we shared with her. Just wish there was a way to make Sully understand...that's the hardest part. This too shall pass (hopefully) given time.

Annie Mom, so hoping you're feeling better and wish Jim a Happy Birthday, though we know he isn't feeling well and both of you are so sad at the loss of your dear friend, Dave. So very sorry to hear son's house deal fell through and hoping another buyer will come along soon. Good luck at your gastro doc appt and hope you can find some real relief from the pain.

Flicka Mom, bet your mantle looks pretty and you'll put up your beautiful tree on Sunday.Hope your friend, Betty is still doing well. Will you have anyone over for Christmas? It will be just the three of us with our memories of our beloved Angel Socks. Sully seems to be coming around a little...some days better than others. We are invited down to Cindy and Ray's again, but can't take Sully as their daughter who lives in Alaska came home with her big
dog for a month (she surprised them by just showing up & Cindy & Ray are so thrilled to see her). If we do go down, it will just be a short visit as we don't want Sully to be alone in the house (he'd always had Socks here with him before). I know it sounds like we're basing all our decisons on Sully, but he's our most important focus now and we don't want him to get more upset by being left alone.

Glad to see the Posse checked in and know they're very busy and enjoying the last days that Tim will be home with them before going to sea again. So happy that Roper is doing well in his new home and the rest of the posse pups are adjusting well.

We have our new roof on now and are grateful for it, but not crazy about the color (looks more green than the light grey we had, but we had very little to choose from for the insurance co to pay for).

Wishing all a gentle night's sleep and good luck for doc's appts for Jeanie and Barbara. Will try to check in tomorrow for updates.

Much love to each and every one of you, our dear, sweet friends.kissing

Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Mon Dec 17, '12 8:16pm PST 
S&S.... glad to hear that Sully is getting a little ease. And make no apologies about basing what you do on him. Dont we all here !! Thats part of the responsibility we take on with animals. Go and have a little time out... that is good for all of you... but we all totally understand.. we all do it !

Betty was doing too much last week and paid the price.. her leg swelled up and she is having to rest. For an ex-nurse she shows remarkably little understanding of what she SHOULD be doing...and she isnt listening to those who tell her.. so now she is on a weeks rest... just have to hope she now uses that wonderful brain she has !

And yes.. I know.. pot kettle and black !!

It will just be Jay and I and the Boys this year..and that is fine too...

Glad the roof is done.. dont worry about the colour.. it will tone down .. also.. a green tint isnt bad either !

Hugsss for all.........
Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Tue Dec 18, '12 9:00am PST 
Morning All......

Just a flyby before another day outside.

Hoping Annie Mum does well with her doc's appointment today.. and its DarlaMae Mum's app tomorrow.

Thinking of all....

Love and HUGSSSSSS back later.........
Angel Annie

Love my treats,- oh yeah!
Barked: Tue Dec 18, '12 9:41am PST 

Just got back from the upper GI test. One word....YUCK! That stuff I had to drink (3 different things) was awful but got it down. Should know some results maybe tomorrow. Hope it is acid reflux so I can take the meds and be done with it.

SargeMom, Jim enjoyed his quiet b'day and thanks to all of you for your wishes for him. It brightened his day. Son is doing OK (broken ribs & finger healing well) and having lookers on the house. DIL is going to have a procedure on her back after Christmas. They called last night and we talked to the girls. They are doing great which is always good news. How is Fran?

Maiyah, WOOF WOOF! You bring such a Golden glow to our group! Luv to u precious girl! Speaking of Goldens, did you see the "comfort Goldens" that have gone to CT to help comfort those poor people that are suffering.

FlickaMom, enjoy your time outdoors. It's gorgeous here but too dragged out today to do much outside. Will probably take Annie for a walk later. Hope Betty's leg gets better soon. She's just been over-doing! We will have a quiet Christmas, too, this year.

S&SMom, understand completely about not wanting to leave Sully alone. Jim & I have to laugh sometimes when we are out. We talk about how much we miss Annie. Glad you got the roof finished. Maybe the color will change a little over time.

Jim is getting better but still not moving much except from the bed to the couch. His cough has improved a lot but he's sore all over. Rest is the best thing.

DarlaMaeMom, good luck tomorrow at the cardio. We will be thinking of you.

Rhon, love to you and our precious Dixie girl! hug

Smooches for all kissing
Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Tue Dec 18, '12 11:06am PST 
Quick pop in to check...

AnnieMum.. the stuff tastes foul doesnt it !!!

Hoping you get good results !!

back later.. back to the leaves...
Sully &- Socks Our- Angel

Barked: Tue Dec 18, '12 11:41am PST 
Just a quick checkin on doc appts. Annie Mom, yes the prep junk you have to use for the upper GI is nasty! So hoping it is just GERD, which is manageable with meds. Glad Jim is resting and hope he'll be better soon.

Was looking to see if Rhon has posted. Looks like some nasty cold (maybe snow) is headed their way.

Wishing sweet DarlaMae Mom good luck at her cardio appt tomorrow.

I have a sore throat and chills today (been this way on and off for about 2 weeks) and head is being battered up, High 50's here today...this is some wierd weather!

Love to all~hughughug

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Dixie BP- 2003-2012

Share your love- with a- BlackPearl dog!
Barked: Tue Dec 18, '12 12:26pm PST 
Dixie has a vet appointment tonight at 6pm CST. She will be making her journey to join WINston XXLP, HoneyBunny, Remo the Red, LuckyLucy and Perky at the Bridge.
Lucy, Our- Golden Angel

Bark at- everything!
Barked: Tue Dec 18, '12 1:10pm PST 
I know we don't post here very often but we do read the thread every day and keep track of all of you.

Our hearts are so sad right now. Win was one of my first Dogster friends who wasn't a Golden. He made me an honorary Bullycloud 9 We loved him and Lucky Lucy and Remo (he was Nick's doppleganger) so much and were so heartbroken when they went to the Bridge so close together. Then along came Dixie Beep who healed many broken hearts. She even came to my wedding and brought the Toot B Gone for Win!

Now our hearts are broken once again.

Safe journey my friend. Give Duke a kiss from me.little angel
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