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Maiyah - Sahara

Little Miss- Maiyah
Barked: Sun Dec 16, '12 5:34pm PST 
In and out, quick.
Maiyah turned 3 months old today. She is really changing and maturing for the better. Less nibbling, more "kisses" and is a Momma girl....
Warm wishes to all, stay well and cozy.
Love and paws,

Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Sun Dec 16, '12 6:07pm PST 
Like Scoots says Rhon... you are not alone...

IF it comes to it... just do what you need.. what Dixie needs...it is simply that some folk just cant make the decision... and they never will be able to... that is how it is for some.

Dixie's peace is what matters... but you know that.. and so if needs be.. you will give the last gift.

BUT.... never think you are alone... no matter what.... there are fires burning in every corner your friends hearts.. and we will light the way .. AND hold YOU up.... ALL of you...


Maiyah... you are growing up fast sweetie...be kind to your people !
♥- DarlaMae - ♥

I Am- Iron Nose- !
Barked: Sun Dec 16, '12 7:24pm PST 
Sooo much I am feeliong and want to say to each but jumbled. I Love you ALL and ALWAYS in my heart & prayers each day. Lots been going on here too in our family & extended on top of our beloved boy.little angel We will get through & have NOT forgoteen anyone at all.kissing

So very sorry and sad hearing of all the losses of beloved ones and struggles each are going through. ENOUGH I cry out for us all. NOONE can know what is going on for others minds or lives really. We all can do is TRY to be good, help where we can and pray for each other, yeah even those who vex us. No blame as it does nothing but turn our pain to extreme hurt against ourselves helping noone. Uggh well know itfrown ALL Our extra love & prayer surround each of you. Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones best you can,easier sad than done I know.flowers

May this Beautiful Season of Light,Love & Hope to so many Faith Backgrounds and Spiritual traditions NOT be turned to hate and Darkness!rainbow Darkness did NOT win as I said for our B and others. It only does if we LET it! I Say HArd POKES and SHEEP to that Darkenss and evil for that is what it wants us to give up and believe!dog No matter How HARD it is to say & do I repeat it over and over again day after day!big hug

LIVE LIFE - Continue to LOVE! It is what we owe Our loved ones and All! Sadly the price of that love is ultimately loss,we know not when.cry Yeah it sucks so badly. So blessed to have it for LOVE cannot DIE!
hugYou ALL are LOVED & I WIsh You All Peace in Every way!hug

We are with you in Heart & Spirit each step of they way. Without you all we could NOT have made it this far & step forward to the days ahead!dog walk
OK Not quite running but INSPIRES ME To carryon.wink A chuckle as I have my Cardio appt Wed.

hughughugBuhens One & ALLhughughug

dogROCK SOLID FOREVER!dog Hope My rusty skills work.

hugflowersROCK SOLID SUPPORT & LOVEflowershug

Sleep tight this rainy night.....

big hugLight to Ease the Darknessbig hug

Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Sun Dec 16, '12 11:11pm PST 
And quite simply AMEN to what DarlaMae Mum said above !!!

Sarge, our- precious- Angel

Barked: Mon Dec 17, '12 3:03am PST 
DarlaMae, what a joy to see your message this morning. All you have said is so very true, we all walk a path that needs light, and we have to keep on and do whatever we can to do this. So glad that you are seeing your cadiologist on Wednesday. Support of health is very important. How is DaddyO's back, have thought of him often as my friend is getting the injections in her back after a car accident. I was going through mail this morning, wishing that I could help all that ask for it - doing the Clicks on the sites for years, and transferring petitions and other support to my FB page, for abused dogs and other animals. So many need help and we are glad to be a part as knowledge is what gets change done. Not living in the dark, that no-one speaks of things that are hard to hear, or watch/see, but they have to be put to the public to have any change. We enjoyed our Hanukkah lighting at the PDPC group. You are in our thoughts, dearest ones, and putting the stones on our page, I think they may still be there from a few years ago. Thoughts for Dixie, who will hopefully be seeing the vet for her eye according to what we read this morning. What a sweet and good little girl, and all the wonderful walks that were done for dogs who needed that help. Love you, dearest DarlaMae, we are holding you closely and never will let you go far from our prayers. hughug
Angel Annie

Love my treats,- oh yeah!
Barked: Mon Dec 17, '12 7:29am PST 
Mornin' all,

Flicka, was hoping you got some of the rain we got yesterday....it was a lot! It did get rid of the humidity and it is cooler. I bet your house smells wonderful like mincemeat. Yes, I heard about the threat at the school there in OK. I hope we can come together in this country and find some way to make these horrible things stop.

Rhon, I'm sorry you & Lar aren't in agreement about Dixie. Maybe he just isn't able to make that decision. Some people just can't. Please remember, you are not alone in this. We are all here surrounding you in hugs and know that you will make the best decision for our precious Dixie. Hopefully the eye Vet will give you some insight which will help you with this decision. hug

Hi Scoots!

Maiyah, you are a growing pup. We love to hear stories about you.

SargeMom, bless you for all the help you give. You are a very loving and thoughtful person.

DarlaMaeMom, so loved hearing from you, dear friend. As always such an inspiring message. Hope your cardio visit goes well. Take some M&M's with you! Love to you and your family.

Today is Jim's birthday. He's 71 and unfortunately he's sick. Don't know if it's the flu or what (he got a flu shot) but he's coughing and feverish and still in bed.

My upper GI test is tomorrow morning so I will be late posting.

hug for all and Smooches for each and every one kissing
Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Mon Dec 17, '12 9:33am PST 
Morning All.........

People do speak of the things many dont want to hear... sadly.... many folk just shut it out. That said each of us that does hear.. that spreads the word as you describe..... is a light in the darkness. It has to start somewhere.. and doing as you have done... is a beginning... and that is important.

DarlaMae... will be thinking of you morro... you know you have our love... always..






Sorry he is not feeling good. Vaccines give you a controlled dose of the disease... and in the case of flu... last years flu . Main reason I wont have the flu vaccines.... BUT.... its also possible Jim is getting these symptoms for stress. He is very down (as you are) about your friends death. So often this kind of illness comes with the sadness. Hoping he has gentle days and recovers fast.

No rain.. none forecast.. dust dry. Did have a frost this morning...

Will be thinking of you tomorrow too with your test....

HUGS and LOVE for all...............
Scooter,- PAWS

Power of the Paw- for those who- need it
Barked: Mon Dec 17, '12 11:29am PST 
It was good hearing from DarlaMae cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9hughughug
Sarge, our- precious- Angel

Barked: Mon Dec 17, '12 1:44pm PST 
partypartywishes Happy Birthday, Jim partywishes hope you feel better soon. Stress can make you susceptible to things, moreso and this is such a big shock to your system and we are so very sorry for the loss and the family of the man. hughughughug Wishing you good results on your upper GI tomorrow, Anniemom.

How is your son and family in Las Vegas? Will you see them for the holidays? That is the hard part of living away.

Hoping that they could see the vet today for DixiePearl, sweet little one, she is in our prayers. It just is so unfair how all this cancer is rampant with out dearest ones. Hoping the you and Lar will make a decision together. I, too made the decision for Rocky. Tom said he would have taken him home, he was such in terrible shape, in pain, no quality left for him.

S&S hugs to our sweet Sully and hoping that the time will gently heal the grief of his loss, and for you and Clark. I know the emptiness, and feel so badly for you all and just wish we all were within driving distance - instead of spread all over the US.

Hugs to little Maiyah, a joyful bright golden girl, we are so glad she is bringing happiness and 3 months already - precious!

Hugs to all who are in need, and dearest DarlaMae, you did my heart good to read your message, we all need lots of Pokes. You said it all so well, sweet friend, glad you have an appointment on Wednesday.

I read about that person in OK - Flickamom - said it was just 'talk' well, that's not something to say when there are schools and kids, or whatever. People are so angry, so ready to take out their hatefulness on innocent people, it is just not as it was even 15 years ago.

I went to the vet to get Sarge's food and they had 2 free kittens - but we can imagine with Sarge and Abby, no way.
Maiyah - Sahara

Little Miss- Maiyah
Barked: Mon Dec 17, '12 5:47pm PST 
Maiyah wishes that she could heal those that hurt, those that suffer.I may be cute but, I do not do miracles. I wish I could cuz, I would treat and cure everybody here.
Feel great, enjoy life (not always easy),laugh, have a roof, eat well...Luv to all those in this WOOF FAMILY.
Mom,Dad, Maiyah and Jenna our sweet Angel.
The little one is quickly taking her place with us. Not as a replacement but as Maiyah, full fledge Golden member of the clan/pack

kissingflowersbig hugmeditate
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