Friends at the Rainbow Bridge!!

Travel to places around the world, make new furiends and pawty with them; let your imagination carry you away!

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Lucky- 1983-1994

Healthy again at- Rainbow Bridge
Barked: Tue Feb 28, '06 11:27am PST 
Yes, I'm ready to ROMP and PLAY with all of my new friends up here at the Bridge.

Champy ( In- Loving- memory )

Mom's- Angel
Barked: Tue Feb 28, '06 11:29am PST 
I love this breeze!!!!
I love the smell of flowers and I love the smell of grass.
This is fun!!!
I'm rolling all over the grass.
This was my favorite, when I was at home with mom!!!
Jumps over the flowers and smells a few good ones!!!
Guys, these is great!!!
Flash - 6/15/95-12/1- 6/01

I think I am- single
Barked: Tue Feb 28, '06 11:43am PST 
Welcome aboard Lucky! I didn't see you there. *leans over to Lucky and whispers* Champ and Weez do make wonderful breakfasts *winks* Come join us for our romp!

Ok guys. I'm going to help Mom grill Farrah's dinner. I'll be back later on! Enjoy!!

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Blacky Wacky- Bo Backy

I tripped over- my own ears as a- puppy...
Barked: Wed Jan 18, '06 7:28am PST 
Me and Max are at the bridge!
Champy ( In- Loving- memory )

Mom's- Angel
Barked: Wed Jan 18, '06 7:35am PST 
It's soo nice to meet new friends!!
I have a sister and brother that are still living too. I see them having so much fun. It's nice when we can meet new friends that we don't know about.
"Angel"- Sassy - 1984-2000

Pet Me, Feed Me.- Love Me.
Barked: Thu Jan 19, '06 1:26pm PST 
Hello my name is Sassy ...I'm quite a shy girl but have been watchin' my monster of a nephew George Underwood for many years from up above and think that he's shown me that bein' a little more outgoin' will do me good!

I'm soo happy to meet you all!
Champy ( In- Loving- memory )

Mom's- Angel
Barked: Thu Jan 19, '06 6:03pm PST 
Sassy, I hope more friends meet us here!! I enjoy meeting all of you's. You are special to me
Raga Muffin- 111- **RB-Bridge*- *

Rainbow Angel
Barked: Thu Jan 19, '06 6:32pm PST 
My brother and I are at the bridge. We just joined Dogster today. We have a sister, Bootzie at the bridge, and three other feline's still on earth...all on Catster!!! I am anxious to meet you all.
Lil' Luie- **Rainbow- Bridge**

Little Rainbow- Cutie
Barked: Thu Jan 19, '06 6:34pm PST 
Hi, I am Luie, Muffin's little brother. I am happy to be here and to meet you all, too!
Arf, arf.
Tot-Goodbye- baby girl

hold me
Barked: Thu Jan 19, '06 6:34pm PST 
Hi Sassy,

I could use some more courage too. I never was very brave, and it made it even worse 'cause I was sick. I loved having a lap to sit on though. I think that's when I was the happiest.
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