Friends at the Rainbow Bridge!!

Travel to places around the world, make new furiends and pawty with them; let your imagination carry you away!

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Someone say- Foooooooooooood!
Barked: Mon Jan 23, '06 12:43pm PST 
Someone chasin toads I hear?? Hmm how bout if we catch flies!! I love catchin flies, I use to stomp on ants up norf at our cabin, my granma and granpa would get a kick outta that!! Big ol' me pickin on lil ants hehehe!! Ok Im up for some toad huntin!! SO I'll join in!! Lets gooooo!!

Max is my man,- back off!- *Bridge Angel*
Barked: Mon Jan 23, '06 3:47pm PST 
Me, Bob, James and EArnold are on the Bridge! Hi My sweet Max...I miss you so much. I am soo sorry i have not been on for quite a while.

Puppy Kisses
Raga Muffin- 111- **RB-Bridge*- *

Rainbow Angel
Barked: Mon Jan 23, '06 3:53pm PST 
Sounds like we have quite the group here at the bridge!! I am so glad I have met you all.
Woof, Woof,

Champy ( In- Loving- memory )

Mom's- Angel
Barked: Mon Jan 23, '06 4:55pm PST 
I'd like more pig ears too!! Any left?? Actually does anyone have some dog bones to share?? I have plenty too!! I will give every friend here a bone from me. Let's go play anyone?
~Moanie~ In- Loving- Memory

Momma's pretty- angel now
Barked: Mon Jan 23, '06 7:01pm PST 
Hey Champ,

Bear and I left you a piggy ear and also left ya ummm 211 bones teehee!! Enjoy ur piggy ear and all ur bones!!
Lil' Luie- **Rainbow- Bridge**

Little Rainbow- Cutie
Barked: Mon Jan 23, '06 7:17pm PST 
Uh, guys, what are Pig Ears??? I don't think I have ever had one.
Weezer - in loving- memory...

The Big Boy
Barked: Mon Jan 23, '06 8:42pm PST 
Hey everyone, I'll race you over to the treat buffet-- I heard it is fully stocked with pig ears, cheesy peanut butter treats, cookies, chicken, scrambled eggs, and many other smackable delights!!!

Let's gooooooooo!
mozart- 10/02-10/04

time for a walk
Barked: Tue Jan 24, '06 9:39am PST 
hi my name is mozart. i have been on the bridge a little over a year. i sent my little brother bubbles to take care of my mommy and daddy and doggy brother and sisters. he is doing a good job i see.
scooby- 1/90-4/02

i miss you
Barked: Tue Jan 24, '06 9:40am PST 
i'm scooby. i have been her on the bridge for a couple of years. i miss my mommy terrible and i know she misses me too. i am ok mom.
"Angel"- Sassy - 1984-2000

Pet Me, Feed Me.- Love Me.
Barked: Tue Jan 24, '06 11:22am PST 
My stomach's growling...Are all the Hershey kisses, Oreos & buttered popcorn gone already...Oh heck never mind I'll eat anything...**munch munch munch*
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