Black Eyed Peas Fans???

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Barked: Sun Nov 13, '05 4:25pm PST 
my mommy and daddy just got back from Houston...they went there to celebrate their 1 yr wedding anniversary! and daddy got them both tickets to see Gwen Stefani and the Black Eyed Peas. if that wasn't great enough....

it turns out they were staying at same hotel as the group!! mommy past the lead guy, Will-I-Am, in the lobby. she asked him for a picture and he stopped and talked with her for 5 minutes!!!!! what a nice guy!!!

they seemed like they had a great time on their mini vacation, so i can't stay mad at them for leaving me behind on this trip...

Puppy Power!
Barked: Sun Nov 13, '05 4:26pm PST 
I'm not too fond of their image, OR their music, or even their lyrics for that matter.

My mom likes their song "Anxiety" featuring Papa Roach, but that's it.

And Gwen should have stayed with No Doubt. WHAT is she THINKING?

I love toys. - Thanks!
Barked: Sun Nov 13, '05 4:40pm PST 
too bad to hear about that, Jamie... but considering the other garbage that's out there these days, BEPs aren't all that bad at all.

back in their early days, they had great songs about positivity and just having fun with the music...they consider themselves a hip hop group, but a lot of the rest of the hip hop community did not accept them because they didn't rap about being rich, "playas", or "gangstas". they curse minimally and just have a good time with their music. i will admit that since becoming mainstream, their songs have become more superficial and "pop-ish" ...but they still fundamentally stick to their roots.

now Gwen, i'll agree with your point...i really love No Doubt and wish they had just stayed intact. during the concert Gwen cursed up a storm and dressed pretty scantily in front of an audience that i suspect was mostly young teens and pre-teens. now that's an image i don't agree with.


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Barked: Sun Nov 13, '05 4:45pm PST 
oh yeah, one more thing about the BEPs.... when i talk about their "good ol' days" i'm referring to their first two albums before the girl, Fergie, joined the group.

she's really the catalyst that skyrocketed the group to the popularity they have now. she's the image that may be controversial with her booty shaking and obvious sex appeal. all in all though, i still enjoy their music and had a great time seeing them in concert! =)

Puppy Power!
Barked: Sun Nov 13, '05 5:02pm PST 
Yeah songs like "My Humps" aren't portraying a negative image eh? wink Though I will admit I'd never even heard of them until after Fergie joined up.

But gosh I used to have SO MUCH respect for Gwen. Now its like.. she's letting the popularity get the best of her. frown

Call the repair- Man! My- elevators broken
Barked: Sun Nov 13, '05 5:41pm PST 
mommy like that song and she is offended...humph...the really bad song is "Candy Shop" by 50 Cent...but anyway...mommy is only 13 so she listens to that type of music

I love toys. - Thanks!
Barked: Sun Nov 13, '05 7:02pm PST 
here's a sample of lyrics from their old stuff...

Fallin' Up
We be fallin up (up)
Never fallin down (down)
We keep it at a higher level elevating now,
(put it in your) in your area,
(city or your) town,
Blackeyed peas is known for gettin down

This is the payback from the past
You threw me down like I was just a piece of trash
You gave me cash every week just enough to live
But didn't get what I deserved instead I was deceived
Still young and didn't know about this in the street
Of the acts, so crass and shady
Don't crush your dreamshow and your whole entity
Subliminally you're on the hire from a slavery
Remember that "What goes around, comes around"
God is watching you and evrything that you do
Do you remember everything that you did before
The way the bad action opens cosmic door
I'ma leave it up to God what he got for you
I'ma leave it up to Him what he got for me

Be Free
All I want is to be free
You keep pushin up on me
All I want is to be free
You be you let I'll be me
Let me do what I feel inside
Won't get taken for a ride
Do just what I feel inside
Everything will be alright

Yo, everybody's goal is to win
But others gettiing caught up within the line of commiting sins
And everybody seems to wanna rule
It's so ridicule we gotta find the right cure
We approach to penetrate equivalent and strong
To wash out individual with evil forms
Conquering battles in these fields of greed
Dark faces all around me makes it hard for me to see
Who's got my back and who will backstab

Even though we got problems
We gotta find some way to solve 'em
I hope you come and follow me now
(keep it on the positive)
We much more than you think we are
We are the product of our on environment repent
With equality, plus durality
And taken all kind of posibility
I sing the song from the soul
Let it rise from the tone
Let it rhythmically grow
Into it's own life
Let it become you
Then you become it
Once you become it everything will be infinite

On My Own
We gonna build this bridge on our own
Original creation and let it be known
No duplication that I can condone
Constant elevation till I'm fully blown
I'm on my own now in my own world feeling free
Can't change the way I am with your insanity
I'ma stay who I be can't nobody change me
Got my soul to protect and support my family

Bringing It Back
I know I'm not the only one that's filling the void
Creatively hip-hop is being destroyed
A lot of rappers really need to be unemployed
because the topics that them talk about has got me annoyed
We the only crew that came original
while a lot of other brothers just mimic the pile
The pile that's only designed for pop charts
that contradicts thought, that's the reason we brought
it back cause honestly it lacks
talent and creativity, in fact
these are symptoms to somethin that's wack
And your system senseless to witness that
So, baby if you wanna, we gon' speak on it
We gon' tell the world why hip-hop is haunted
Money is a drug and MC's is on it
We gon' take it back to the days of Mantronix

Request Line feat. Macy Gray
This is a re-quest Mr. Radio Man
Just one desire from a hip-hop fan
Hey Dj (your on the line girl)
Hey Dj (On the request line girl)
Play the record by my favorite band

I like to hear my favorite song on the radio
So I called and requested on the radio
Tell the DJ spin it on the mix show
Make a brother feel like im down at the disco
And we gonna keep it going like crisco
Cuz the DJ grab the record by the fist full
by the crate full, and we greatful
When you hear the stuff of records get a tasteful
(Last night the DJ saved my life)
Cuz of the collection of the records he saved
To the direction of the record we swayed
And all night through the session we stayed

anyways...just a sampling of their lyrics from their first two albums, Behind the Front and Bridging the Gap. all about positivity and being true to yourself.

they're like Anakin Skywalker to me...i know they've still got good in them left!!!!!! hahaha!!

I love toys. - Thanks!
Barked: Sun Nov 13, '05 7:11pm PST 
oh, and i'm 27 and i listen to their music.... now 50 cent? no thanks. THAT'S a bad image...and now he's got a movie coming out glamorizing his gangsta life....AND a violent video game looking a lot along the lines of the Grand Theft Auto genre.

i'll take Black Eyed Peas over any of that nonsense any day! =)

Puppy Power!
Barked: Sun Nov 13, '05 7:14pm PST 
Lucy I don't see why you would be offended simply because my taste in music is different than yours. That's a silly reason to be offended! Like what you like, regardless of what anyone else thinks!
George- Underwood

Barked: Sun Nov 13, '05 8:15pm PST 
I had Black Eyed Peas for dinner tonight.
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