Can't get my walker coonhound to come when he is called

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We got our walker hound at six weeks, and what a challenge for a lab owner. He is awesome and much loved as part of the family, they are great family dogs.
Our problem with him at 3 years is he likes to bolt and does not come when he is called. Thank goodness roads are not an issue for us but even with tons of exercise her does not come in until he is ready. He lays in the yard and looks at us. We don't want him chasing deer so getting some control has to happen and nothing has worked yet. We have a training collar but he can get out of range fast and he knows it. We just want to be able to keep him safe and coming when he is called is most important.
Any suggestions?

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I've only had my walker for about a month (she's a little over a year old) but I've found that she can be incredibly stubborn when she wants to do something, ie not coming when called, climbing on EVERYTHING, chewing things that aren't hers. I think it's a hound trait, in general, and a treeing walker one, in particular. Have you tried getting yours into obedience classes. My Hannah Rosie will start in the spring (there's not another class around here until then). I know these dogs can be VERY INDEPENDENT (I've had other walkers) and are used to doing their own thing. Hope you find a solution soon. smile