Webbed feet or not?

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Barked: Wed Aug 3, '11 8:52am PST 
For those that have Trans Hounds do they have web feet or is it the mix in Marley? I'm not sure that he is mixed or not. He has an awful lot of trans to be mixed with something else.shrug

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Barked: Sat Jan 7, '12 9:44pm PST 
Our Transylvanian (Hannah from our Mystery Hound post in 2008) does not have webbed feet. We've seen one other Tranny, who we think is the same.

Hannah is now over three years old and we'd like her to have puppies, so we're looking for a fertile male. We've never bred a dog before, but if Hannah is an example, we'd like there to be more Transylvanians. We live in California, but we are retired and we can travel. You mentioned Marley is a mix but he looks very much like all the Transylvania photos we've seen, not that it matters that much. Hannah appears to be all Tranny but we have no papers.


Scott Maze