How to get rid of tear stains

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Barked: Fri Feb 13, '09 1:07pm PST 
Was just wondering if anyone has a tried and true way to deal with the brown tear stains on their poodles? I've tried a few different things, but didn't have very good results. My groomer told me to put vaseline on the face after grooming and the tears would just slide off. puppyblue dog

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Barked: Thu Feb 25, '10 8:25am PST 
angel eyes works and I am 100% certain of that.
Although it is quite expensive.

Having filtered or bottled water and a very high quality food helps with most dogs.
Vaseline will work, in a way, but then again, it just leaves a gooey mess on your dogs face anyway, so you are replacing one mess with another.

Also keeping her face shaved nice and short, and around her eyes short will also help greatly. I have to keep Paris' eyelashes shaved, even though I would like for her to keep them. Because it helps with tear stains.

You can also wipe a few times a day with a warm moist cloth.

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You might want to try to put your poodle ona Chicken free diet. This is difficult as Poultry is a filler in almost EVERYTHING, but I find when I can keep my guy away from chicken his stains dissappear.

Results take about 2-3 weeks and obviously a clean clip.


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you could try Angel's Delight. it's an all-natural version of Angel's Eyes. it can be shipped from UK.

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Angels eyes is very effective but it uses an antibiotic that has not been approved for dogs, thus it is technically not legal.

There are other natural food supplements that work well such NaturVet and Angels Delight by Bichon Hotel.

You might find that eliminating commercial grains from your dog's food will help to reduce the amount of tearing in the first place- and thus the degree of staining.

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Barked: Wed Apr 4, '12 9:00pm PST 
this is also my problem with my puppy.. but I can't find here in the Phil. what you call "Angel's Delight" product.. I'm using a tear stain remover wipes but it's not working.. frown

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