Moving with my dog into home with cat. Help?

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Barked: Wed Mar 5, '14 5:44pm PST 
I have a 6yr old Pomeranian very shy, quiet, keeps to herself, gets along very well with pretty much everyone and everything. I'm moving into my friend's place. She has a 3yr old cat that is larger than my dog. The cat is nice and friendly but on the rare occasion she crossed paths with any size dog she would hiss and her stands up etc.

Any tips on how to introduce my dog and her cat? Is it possible for them to be friendly? My dog roams free at my current home but I'm afraid ill be forced to lock her in my room while I'm at work bc of fear the cat might attack her. All suggestions greatly appreciated!

And tips to make my dog feel welcome at her new home are wanted as well.

Thank you!

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The first thing you should do is exchange a blanket or rug that each of them has laid on so they can become acquainted with what the other one smells like. That way, when they are introduced in person, they will know, "oh, yeah! I already know you by your scent!" Most cats hiss at something new; their way of saying "don't hurt me, leave me alone." As the cat is friendly and your dog is friendly, there shouldn't be a problem. Your dog being so small will probably not intimidate the cat. She will probably hiss just because there's someone new in her house. If the cat feels threatened, she can always jump up higher and feel safe while your dog remains on the floor.

For their first meeting, if you have a crate/carrier for your dog, put her in it and let the cat free to examine your Pom that way. Then bring your dog out, on a leash or if you don't have a crate, start with the leash. The cat will keep her distance. It's also possible the cat will run and hide. As long as your Pom isn't aggressive towards the cat, they should gradually relax in each other's company. I wouldn't leave them alone together from the beginning. When no one is home, maybe one day your dog could have run of the house and the cat be kept in one room, and the next day the cat has run of the house and your dog stays in one room. That way they get used to the other's scent throughout the house.

If the cat turns out to be aggressive towards your dog, your friend needs to control the cat. Your friend needs to talk to and play with your dog to show the cat you and your dog are now part of the family.

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